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article imageOp-Ed: Video — Store in Germany uses nude shoppers to attract business

By Larry Clifton     Jun 24, 2012 in Business
So, in the U.S., we’re told Europeans are not as hung up about hanging out in public wearing their birthday suits as Americans are.
While this may be true, some might wonder if some European exhibitionists might look better in a bathing suit, or maybe a full suit of armor.
The attached video seems to lend ample evidence of the latter. It seems more than 200 naked thrifty souls were videoed shopping nude in a German supermarket for a chance to snatch up some free groceries last week.
The store in Süderlügum offered to treat the first hundred shoppers to up to $276 worth of merchandise if they shopped naked, just them and their buggies, according to a HyperVocal report.
It was too late to shout ‘Katie bar the door’ when the eclectic bunch busted in. There were fat ones, tall ones, short ones and... and, really, really obese ones. It was bundle-up cold outside, so imagine how that affected some of the men with bulbous bellies disproportional to other parts of their anatomy.
The gimmick worked well in terms of publicity as many more skin flickers showed up than was expected by fully-clothed management. Some nude shoppers were, subjectively speaking, not that hard to look at, however the sight of others juxtaposed with supermarket food might be nauseating.
"I never thought a hundred people would come; I thought maybe more like ten, Nils Sterndorff told a local reporter.
To avoid flashing the entire town, shoppers were ushered into the store in groups of 20 where they stripped down before shuffling along the aisles, according to the paper.
YouTube video of the grand opening includes scenes of people waiting in the cold outside for a chance to strip and strut through the store to collect carts full of wine, soda and food. Fortunately, or not so much, depending on one’s prospective, there were plenty of cameras rolling as these Madonnas and metro-males of supermarket bargains leaned and bent over to grab items from high and low shelves.
***Warning, video contains nudity***
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