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article imageWolfgang Schäuble calls for EU to have more political power

By Katerina Nikolas     Jun 24, 2012 in World
Berlin - European Union member states should hand over more political power to the EU says German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. As Germany already acts as the dominant power in the EU, Schäuble's call would increase his nation's power.
Wolfgang Schäuble said "We must transfer more responsibilities to Brussels in major political areas, without national governments being able to block decisions." He went on to add "Up to now, European member states almost always have the last say. This cannot go on." The Local reported Schäuble's comments were made during an interview with Der Spiegel, due to be published on Monday.
His comments echo sentiments voiced by German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has repeatedly called for more powers to be transferred to the European Commission. EU Business reported Merkel said "there should be no taboos" over greater European integration as she pressed home the point "I have always said we need more Europe and that will as a consequence mean that more competences are given to the European Commission."
Last week Merkel said the lesson to be learned from the eurozone crisis "is to have more Europe not less Europe" according to ITV News.
The extent of Frau Merkel's and Herr Schäuble's vision of a more integrated Europe is to turn the powers of the EU Executive Commission "into a real government" the Local reports, with an elected European Union president.
The two key German leaders are not alone in their ambitions for a more integrated Europe which would be dominated by the stronger economies of the north. Both EU President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso would wield executive powers if the German hopes come to fruition, leaving the economically troubled nations of Southern Europe as the poor relations.
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