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article imageSchool calls police to remove student 'obsessed' with studying

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 22, 2012 in Odd News
A school called the police to remove from its library an A-grade student who just can't get enough of "extra revision" ahead of exams. The head teacher at Ifield Community College said Jamie Gagliardi, 18, is "obsessed with after-school revision."
This is Sussex reports Gagliardi, student at the Ifield Community College in Crawley, West Sussex, requested extra revision sessions for an exam which he sat on Monday, but he was told the teacher was not available to run the revision classes.
According to Gagliardi, he was expelled for interrupting the head teacher during a meeting on Wednesday in which he expressed his concerns about extra revisions ahead of exams. But the head teacher accused him of being "obsessed" with after-school tuition and said that police help was sought because he was causing a "nuisance" on school premises.
According to The Herald Sun, Gagliardi went to the school's library on Thursday after he was banned from the school premises. The police were called to remove him. He was not charged with any offense but he was told to call his mum to pick him up.
The Crawley News reports that the head teacher said that Gagliardi was banned from school for only a day.
The Mirror reports that Gagliardi grumbled, "I have been punished for wanting to do well. I am a hard-working and dedicated student, and this could have such an impact on my future. The college has overreacted in what is probably the most important week of my school life."
Jamie said he went to the school library despite being banned from school premises because he had nowhere else to do his revision. He said: "I have told teachers many times that I do not have a computer at home so would not be able to work at home."
Marilyn Evans, the school's director of administration, said Gagliardi had received extra revision classes in the previous half term. This is Sussex reported that Evans said: "He became vociferous and irritated that he couldn't have after-school revision. The teacher has already given up her time to give extra revision in half term and during the school day, when she was meant to have free time. On Thursday he was causing a nuisance and a disturbance on the premises."
Gagliardi reportedly interrupted the head teacher during a meeting on Wednesday and accused staff of "incompetence." He said: "I have been excluded before for one day when I questioned a teacher's ability. I was not happy with a grade that I got and even marked the paper myself according to the marking scheme and got a better grade. They have tried to repress my voice."
But the school administrator, Evans, reportedly said: "He is obsessed with doing after-school revision."
The Mirror reports that a police spokeswoman confirmed that they were called at 8.45 a.m. to remove a "disruptive" pupil from the school premises.
According to The Herald Sun, Evans admitted that Gagliardi is a very bright student who is expected to do very well in his exams. However, the problem with him is that, "He probably feels that without those extra sessions he won't get the grade he wants, but he will. He is a top student."
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