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article imageOp-Ed: Hate, Hope and Money — 'anti-fascists' fall out

By Alexander Baron     Jun 25, 2012 in Politics
Brighton - When they aren't fighting the mythical Nazi menace, Britain's self-styled anti-fascists are throwing barbs at each other in a desperate attempt to claim their share of a once lucrative honeypot.
Once upon a time there was a magazine called Searchlight that used to be sold by radical bookshops the length and breadth of England's once green and pleasant land; the people who produced and sold this magazine were seldom pleasant, though a few of them were green, and all of them were red.
After shelling out for libel lawyers, most of these bookshops decided it was perhaps not a good idea to continue to stock this magazine, but fortunately for its controllers, it retains a dwindling subscription base while still making itself felt - and laughed at - on the web.
Like its ugly American cousin the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Searchlight Organisation has never allowed facts to get in the way of ideology, but unlike the SPLC, it has very modest means, and is in competition with others for funds that in the current financial climate are increasingly hard to come by.
A few years ago, its controllers came up with Hate Not Hope (seriously) in order to increase its income stream, but now, one of its staff appears to have walked away with the website, the organisation and the mailing list. That person is Nick Lowles - one-time (and possibly still) self-confessed member of the BNP and author of Mr Evil, a book about psychopath and convicted terrorist bomber David Copeland.
Anyone who has read this book will understand why he and Searchlight parted company. In the fantasy world of Searchlight head honcho Gerry Gable, David Copeland was a tiny cog in a vast international Nazi conspiracy; in Mr Evil, he is simply a lone psychopath, one of a long line of people worldwide and down through the ages who thought he could make the world a better place by indiscriminate mass murder. Also, in Mr Evil, Copeland is brought to book by routine police work, while in Gerry Gable's fantasy world the police were tipped off by the man himself, in exactly the same way he brought to justice the non-existent arsonists behind the accidental Mesifta Talmudical College fire, and together with his anti-Semitic buddy, self-confessed synagogue desecrator Ray Hill, foiled the non-existent Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot.
There are though, those for whom both Searchlight and Hate Not Hope are anathema, none more so than the anti-Zionist Jew Tony Greenstein. Who says there are no enemies on the left? Greenstein wrote on his blog recently that Lowles and company had reported Gable to the police for stealing £18,000 from the new organisation, but “given Gable’s relationship with the police, they were, unsurprisingly, not interested”. Or maybe they genuinely thought this was not police business?
Greenstein is one of those people who subscribes to the belief that Gable is some sort of latter day Kosher James Bond rather than a genuine anti-fascist, and even reproduces the notorious Gable memorandum which he holds up as proof of this. The reality is that this notorious document is proof only of the way Gable likes to see himself. Any honest researcher who has done his homework and taken in the bigger picture will realise that over the decades, Gable has been as much as if not more of a hindrance to the police and the so-called secret state than any sort of asset.
If Greenstein's view of Lowles and his gang is not as severe as his condemnation of Gable, it is purely by virtue of the latter's youth, but anti-Zionist or not, he shows both his true colours and his utter contempt for all things genuinely Jewish when he alludes to the men in black hats and kaftans including Rabbi Ahron Cohen as fools and idiots, even going so far as to suggest that they should lift their heads out of “the Torah, Talmud and other useless sources of information and read something about the history of Zionism”.
Of course, if the Torah and Talmud, and the ancient Hebrews were so useless, they wouldn't have given us the Ten Commandments two thousand years and more before Magna Carta. It is a sad fact though that so many so-called Jewish radicals have nothing but contempt for the Jewish religion, and that at the very time they are whining and wailing about the universality of anti-Semitism amongst the wicked goyim; yes Tony, it is acceptable for a mere a goyishe kopf to use that word, you politically correct dumbos haven't won yet.
Greenstein is also peddling his new book on his blog: The Fight Against Fascism in Brighton & the South Coast, which is presumably to be subtitled How I Saved Britain From The Nazi Menace And Bought An Ice Cream On The Pier.
The gullibility of these people knows no bounds. The modern era of “anti-fascism” in Britain started when the natives - in an England that was then still overwhelmingly white - took umbrage at what was then a virtually unchecked wave of unassimilable immigrants whom ordinary workers perceived, rightly or wrongly, to be taking their jobs, displacing them, and relegating them to second class citizenship in their own land. There were calls not only to end immigration but to begin repatriation, which the likes of Gable and Greenstein jumped on as being the first step on the road to concentration camps and Heaven knows what else.
The demonisation of anyone who associated himself with the then rising National Front resulted in hysteria and at times violence. Now, that bird has flown, and the real idiots and fools - of the misnamed “anti-fascist” movement - believe they have scored a great victory for “anti-racism”, riots, bombings and Islamist jihad aside. But of course, if the people who really shape social policy in Britain and elsewhere, the banksters and other internationalists, had genuinely wanted a white Britain, would Greenstein, Gable and later Lowles have been given the time of day? Of course not, they, the Anti-Nazi League and every similar organisation would have been pilloried as reds, anti-British, ad nauseum, and more importantly, their funding would have dried up completely.
As Oswald Spengler wrote in his monumental Decline Of The West: “There is no proletarian, not even a Communist, movement, that has not operated in the interests of money, in the direction indicated by money, and for the time being permitted by money - and that without the idealists among its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact.”
Greenstein is an idealist, albeit a sorely misguided one; Lowles, almost certainly not; Gable, absolutely not.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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