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article imageTopFinds: Photo of sleeping cop goes viral, Ocean X's UFO hunt

By David Silverberg     Jun 22, 2012 in Internet
A photo of a Canadian police officer sleeping in her squad car prompts an investigation. A white teen returns an African-American scholarship. Why is the Ocean X looking for a UFO under the Baltic Sea? These are the top stories from across the world.
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Top Digital Journal Reports

Stage collapse in Toronto kills 1, Radiohead concert cancelled (Includes interview) by David Silverberg
A stage at Toronto's Downsview Park has collapsed, killing one and seriously injuring another. It was being set up for the big Radiohead concert later tonight, and the venue spokesperson announced the show is cancelled in light of the tragedy.
Shooting New York City, with heart, art, and soul (Includes interview) by Cate Kustanczy
New York photographer Vivienne Gucwa re-discovered her city through walking and shooting what she saw. Though she alternates between formal and mobile photography, Gucwa's passion for her home (and her medium) has only deepened through the years.
 The Infinite Sprawl   The Empire State Building and the New York City skyline. Vivienne Gucwa re-di...
"The Infinite Sprawl", The Empire State Building and the New York City skyline. Vivienne Gucwa re-discovered her home city on foot, and began posting her work online in 2010.
Vivienne Gucwa
Brazen street shooting leaves man dead in Toronto (Includes first-hand account) by KJ Mullins
A man was relaxing today in Little Italy sitting at the patio of Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe when a man walked up in a white hard hat and white filter mask.
Bike For the Fight against cancer; 3,000 mile ride begins in L.A. (Includes interview) by Lesley Lanir
For cancer research, Israeli, Tom Peled will cycle 3,000 miles across the US from Los Angeles to New York, starting August 1st. All monies raised go to the Israel Cancer Research Fund for grants to fund scientists in their work to find cures for cancer.
Celebrities at Australian premiere of Snow White & the Huntsman (Includes first-hand account) by Richard Milnes
Actors Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and director Rupert Sanders attend the red carpet Australian premiere of Snow White & The Huntsman. Event Cinemas, Westfield, Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia. Tuesday 19 June 2012.
Charli Robinson with actress Kristen Stewart  who plays Snow White in the movie Snow White and The H...
Charli Robinson with actress Kristen Stewart, who plays Snow White in the movie Snow White and The Huntsman, at the Australian premiere.

Top Images

Picturesque houses at Rua dos Tabajaras  Fortaleza  Ceará  Brazil.
Picturesque houses at Rua dos Tabajaras, Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.
 The Day Pauses   Botanica  Lower East Side.  I actually find the process of editing phone photograp...
"The Day Pauses", Botanica, Lower East Side. "I actually find the process of editing phone photography to be far more of a zen experience than editing my digital photos," Gucwa explains. "It could have something to do with the more tactile quality of phone photo editing apps. They're designed to streamline the editing process with results that are strikingly beautiful. It's an exciting time in terms of the sheer number of innovations being made on a regular basis in mobile photography."
Vivienne Gucwa
Main Hall of  La Moneda Cultural Centre  in Santiago de Chile.
Main Hall of "La Moneda Cultural Centre" in Santiago de Chile.
Andrew Carpenter pitched 7 shutout innings with no walks against Tucson on Tuesday.
Andrew Carpenter pitched 7 shutout innings with no walks against Tucson on Tuesday.
All the CEOs taking part in the sleep out to raise money for St Vincent de Paul pose for a photo.
All the CEOs taking part in the sleep out to raise money for St Vincent de Paul pose for a photo.

In the Media

Former member of Westboro Baptist Church reveals why he left by David Silverberg
Nate Phelps used to be a member of his father's anti-LGBT God-fearing Westboro Baptist Church, and he recently answered questions from online readers to explain why he left the Church and what motivated him to become an atheist.
Man with 100-pound scrotum rejects free $1 million surgery offer by JohnThomas Didymus
Wesley Warren Jr., has a condition that resulted in his testicles developing a 100-pound growth. He has refused an offer to perform surgery for free. Critics say Warren is enjoying his celebrity status of "a man with the big balls."
Scientists find woman who sees 99 million more colors than others by JohnThomas Didymus
Newcastle University neuroscientist Dr. Gabriele Jordan, recently announced that she has identified a woman who is a "tetrachromat," that is, a woman with the ability to see much greater color depth than the ordinary person.
Photo of Ontario cop sleeping in cruiser goes viral by Arthur Weinreb
Although the person who snapped the picture is not known, Niagara Regional Police know who the officer is and are conducting an investigation.
Video: Jovial Dutch fans constantly harass Ukrainian TV reporter by Kev Hedges
Holland may have been eliminated from the Euro 2012 soccer championships in Ukraine, but their fans certainly had a good time by constantly interrupting a Ukrainian reporter in the streets outside the Metalist Stadium, Kharkiv.
Video: Mushroom cloud over China sparks end-of-the-world fears by JohnThomas Didymus
A ominous mushroom cloud formed over Beijing at 7 p.m. on June 14, swallowing up the entire city skyline, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The cloud caused mild panic as people feared that it was harbinger of an impending end-of-the-world cataclysm.
The Killing Season 3: star says, ‘I’ll shoot it myself’ by Mathew Wace Peck
Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos from the TV show The Killing
Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos from the TV show The Killing
Joel Kinnaman, who co-stars with Mirielle Enos in the US version of The Killing, says he’s ready to return for a third series, although it’s still unclear whether it will return after this weekend’s finale.
Ocean X returns to the Baltic Sea in search of possible UFO by Anne Sewell
In June last year, Swedish treasure hunters found a bizarre, disk-like object 90 meters under the Baltic Sea. Speculation is that this is a UFO and a return expedition is now ongoing.
N.J. man arrested for shooting squirrels in his backyard by Leigh Goessl
A N.J. man has been arrested in connection with shooting and killing squirrels in his backyard. If convicted, he could face six months of jail time.
White teenager returns African-American scholarship by JohnThomas Didymus
There was laughter during the awards night at the Martin Luther King High School in Riverside, California last month when a white student, Jeffrey Warren, 17, was called up on stage and handed an African-American scholarship.
Ron Paul  a GOP presidential candidate
Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate
Gage Skidmore
Op-Ed: Lawyers for Ron Paul take over campaign by Mindy Allan
Lawyers for Ron Paul are now formally running the Ron Paul campaign to continue the fight for the freedom of the American people. They refuse to bow down to the threats to quit so Romney can have the nomination.
Costa Concordia salvage team brings in Microperi 61 platform by Marcus Hondro
A platform, the Microperi 61, has arrived on scene at the island of Giglio to help refloat the stricken Costa Concordia. The platform has arms to work undersea and set up scaffolding to build a foundation to keep the ship stable.
Jessica Sanchez' popularity soars with singing of National Anthem by Leo Reyes
"American Idol" runner-up Jessica Sanchez is getting more popular as promoters of the nation's biggest sports events have engaged the 16-year-old singing sensation to sing the National Anthem in their opening ceremonies.
NHL Trade: Tampa Bay Lightning look to Lindback instead of Luongo by Marcus Hondro
No matter what the Tampa Bay Lightning would be going out on a limb: risk giving up lots of assets to acquire Roberto Luongo from the Vancouver Canucks or spend less to get an unproven goalie. They went with the latter.

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Happy Summer Solstice 2012 by Sara Star
This is a time to reflect on our budding aspirations, and watch them bloom...

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