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article imageVideo: Man escapes from under moving train

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 22, 2012 in Internet
The shocking video shows a young man lying underneath a freight train traveling at a speed. It is uncertain how he got there or why he is there. But his friend is standing by filming and apparently enjoying it.
The man says to his friend while the train speeds overhead: "I am gonna die..."
The cameraman answers nonchalantly, "I imagine you are going to die, you are underneath a train." The camera then shifts to show the entire length of the train. It is a large and fast moving freight train.
Daily Mail comments that the apparent lack of concern the cameraman shows for the safety of the man underneath the train is disturbing. He says: "That is f****** awesome though."
The cameraman then makes an unbelievable suggestion: "You've got time to roll out between the wheels."
Incredibly, the man under train takes his friend's suggestion seriously. He lifts himself up under the train as if looking for a gap between the fast moving wheels to pass through. Then he throws his bag in-between the wheels to his friend.
After some time, the cameraman shouts: "Next one, next one...No, no no... 'now now now."
Then man under the train makes the move. He rolls out from beneath the train, between gaps in the moving wheels while the cameraman urges him to speed it up.
FM News Chicago comments that this crazy stunt only shows that there are people who will do anything for online attention.
It is uncertain where the video was shot or who shot it.
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