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article imageOp-Ed: Brotherhood warns military as Israel prepares for Mideast war

By Eliot Elwar     Jun 21, 2012 in Politics
The Muslim Brotherhood warns Egypt’s military leadership against holding on to power. Angry crowds gather in Egypt as the West warns military over power grab.
The western border with Egypt has now become the Israel Defense Forces’ most turbulent and dangerous front. Israel is now moving army units to its border with Egypt. And Egypt is becoming a hotbed for terrorism.
News Max World reports: The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to face down Egypt's military generals to determine the country's political future. After declaring that its candidate had won the presidential election, the Muslim Brotherhood refused to accept the military’s final attempts to engineer a constitutional takeover. As final ballot results trickled in and unofficial tallies suggested that Mohammed Mursi had secured approximately 52 percent of the popular vote, the Brotherhood deployed its harshest language against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), vowing to bring many Egyptians back on to the streets if attempts to rebuild the old regime continued.
World News reports: Mass protests were called across Egypt against its military leadership’s bid to hold on to power, while the U.S. and U.K. called for a swift transfer of power. The Muslim Brotherhood, which has claimed victory in the nation’s presidential elections, urged demonstrations against military leaders who issued commands to dissolve the parliament and declaring all legislative power for themselves.
Israel Hayom reports: The western border with Egypt has now become the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) most disorderly, violent, and hazardous region, requiring the deployment of the IDF’s most elite units. Israel needs to become accustomed to the new reality that Israeli western border has become a war zone. Israel still maintains peace with Egypt, but there is an abyss of hate and terror growing between Israel and Egypt.
HAARETZ reports: Egypt is on way to becoming another terrorist state and Israel's government cannot stop this from happening. The Muslim Brotherhood’s victory will facilitate instability throughout Egypt, while Israel, who will be further isolated in an already hostile Mideast, will have to deal quietly with this increasing chaos.
The Egyptian generals see the caliphate theocracy coming and their actions were their final attempt to save Egypt from Islamic radicalization. The US and the West are backing the Muslim Brotherhood and the caliphate system. When the dust settles, the Egyptian military leaders will lose and the Brotherhood will gain control of Egypt. This means a coming conflict against Israel no matter what kind of rhetoric we hear from the Egyptian government. The Egyptian economy is dead and the military will never hold Egypt together. The U.S. and the West will supply the rebels all the weapons needed to defeat the Egyptian military. This is very similar to what is occurring in Syria and what happened in Libya. Eventually the Brotherhood will come to power. Israel is now moving army units to the border with Egypt. Therefore, warfare will erupt within the next few months or years.
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