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article imageElijah Wood chats about his roles in 'Wilfred' and 'The Hobbit' Special

By Earl Dittman     Jun 20, 2012 in Entertainment
In the second season of 'Wilfred,' Elijah Wood returns as Ryan, an introvert who talks to a man in a dog suit. But 'Wilfred' is not Wood's only return to a former role -- he is once again playing Frodo in 'The Hobbit,' the prequel to 'Lord Of The Rings.'
For Elijah Wood, the 31-year old actor who rose to fame as Frodo Baggins in the Academy Award-winning Lord Of The Rings trilogy, he isn't sure why viewers liked the first season of Wilfred, his hilarious and daringly original new comedy on cable TV (now on Blu-ray/DVD), but the star of the FX Network laugh-fest (which begins its second season on June 28) knows why he loves the show. "The thing I love about the show, and I don't know if this is why people respond to it so much, is that it can be enjoyed on multiple levels," admits Wood, as he talks into his hands-free car phone while navigating through the streets of Los Angeles. "I think that it's a very multi-layered show, and I think that it really became even more multi-layered toward the latter part of the first season. And I love that about it. I love that there are some episodes that aren't as reliant on comedy, that are actually about characters and internally what's going on and there's this underlying theme of the cerebral to the show that I love, and yet it can also be enjoyed on this level of just being hilarious, that a guy is talking to another guy in a dog suit. And I think it's those things that I love most about it."
In Wilfred, Elijah Wood stars as "Ryan," a down-on-his-luck lawyer who forms a unique friendship with his sexy neighbor's pet pooch "Wilfred." Everyone else sees a dog, but Ryan sees a bong-ripping, beer-chugging, foul-mouthed Australian bloke in a furry suit (played by the outrageously funny Jason Gann.) By unleashing the surly, sweet and always adventurous Wilfred, Ryan may just learn to stand on his own hind legs and embrace the insanity of real life.
Elijah Wood as  Ryan  and Jasom Gann as  Wilfred  on the hit comedy  Wilfred
Elijah Wood as "Ryan" and Jasom Gann as "Wilfred" on the hit comedy 'Wilfred'
"I suppose that's why people respond to it," the Iowa-born Wood says of the show's unique and offbeat premise. "I think it's definitely unique. I don't think that there's anything quite like it on television. I think those are some of the elements that I was most intrigued about and why I was excited to be a part of it. It doesn't feel like a typical sitcom or comedy, it feels like we have the opportunity to take some interesting risks and to delve into stories that aren't altogether common in the comedy space, which feels really exciting, and we have the freedom to do that on the network that we're on. So maybe that's why it feels to me like a breath of fresh air, not to be presumptuous, but I'm assuming that that's probably why people like it. But at the end of the day, it's also a guy and another guy in a dog suit sitting around smoking pot, so that's intrinsically funny, as well."
During his Season One hiatus from Wilfred, Wood was given the rare opportunity to resurrect the role that turned him into an international superstar in the two-part film adaptation of author J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit -- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again -- the live action "prequels" to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy (which also stars Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett and Richard Armitage). "It was a joy playing Frodo again," confesses Wood, who is also starring in the upcoming movies Black Wings Has My Angel, Pawn Shop Chronicles and Grand Piano. "I think what surprised me most about it, I expected it to be very strange and trippy in a way, and what was almost more surprising is how normal it felt."
In an exclusive phone interview -- just a day before the release of Wilfred: The Complete First Season on Blu-ray & DVD and less than two weeks before the premiere of Wilfred: Season Two -- Elijah Wood chatted (while weaving through Tinsel Town traffic) about his two seasons on Wilfred, what it is like to do television after a long career in movies, his favorite roles of his career, what it was like to resurrect the role of Frodo Baggins in the two Peter Jackson-directed Hobbit prequels, his transition from child to adult actor and how long he plans to remain on Wilfred.
Elijah Wood and Jason Gann on  Wilfred
Elijah Wood and Jason Gann on 'Wilfred'
In the Season One finale, we saw you play a different side of "Ryan," a side that even made "Wilfred" (Jason Gann) cringe. So, what was it like to unleash Ryan's dark side, and will we be seeing him again in Season 2?
"It was a lot of fun. It provided a color to the character that was very different from the character we were introduced to and that we've only kind of ever alluded to that side of him in the first season until we saw it at the end, so it was great fun to play. It provided another layer and sort of insight into the darkness that lies within him that ultimately led him to the place that we found him in at the beginning of the first season. We won't necessarily see that darkness again. He allowed himself to get to the precipice a little bit, and in doing that he almost lost everything that was holding him together, Wilfred included, and so we see him now having come out of that space, and I don't think it's likely that he'll return there any time soon. But we now are aware of the fact that that exists, and to a certain degree I guess more importantly that is ultimately what led to his initial downfall, it was that sort of selfish activity and doing things that he knew was wrong despite the fact that he knew them that put him in the place that made Wilfred come into his life in the first place, I think."
Wilfred is manipulative and is like the anti-Jiminy Cricket. Why do you think that your character of Ryan continues to stay with him despite all the schemes and all the lies?
"The scheming and the lying...that's a good question. I think that as much as Wilfred cannot entirely be trusted, I also think that almost entirely those sorts of schemes and those lies end up in Ryan learning something and Ryan continuing to grow and advance as a person despite the method for getting him there. I think deep down Ryan has a sense that Wilfred does have his best interest at heart, even though his methods aren't exactly to be trusted. I think he's aware of the fact that he's on a path of self-discovery and a journey to bettering himself , and it's his friend, it's the person that knows him the best, it's the person that understands him the best, again, despite the difficulties present in their relationship sometimes. It's the person that he can actually rely on and that can truly understand what makes Ryan who he is."
Wood and Gann on  Wilfred
Wood and Gann on 'Wilfred'
The writers wrote you guys into a corner at the end of Season 1, or a closet, I guess. How pleased were you with the way that they wrote you out of it?
"I love what they came up with. It was definitely a challenge, I think, in writing that. It was an exciting end to our first season and something that David (Zuckerman) had told us about, about a month or so before it was written, so we knew where it was going. But to leave people on a bit of a cliffhanger in such an extreme way was really exciting, and then trying to figure out how best to come out of that was an interesting challenge, I think, for David. But I love the way that he ultimately did. We have an interesting finale this season as well that I'm very excited about, and I think what I'm proud of with the show, and I spoke to this a little bit earlier, is where it goes in that first season, and I think we have a similar trajectory this season. We became very multi-layered toward the end of that first season, which allowed us to make that kind of finale work, and I think we do a similar thing this season as well, where from Episode 7 on things get a little bit more complex in the storytelling, and those are some of my favorite episodes."
What aspects of your own personality, or your own idiosyncrasies, did you bring to Ryan?
"I don't know? That's a good question. ... maybe some of me in there, maybe some of my more awkward quirkinesses that lie in there somewhere gets applied to the character in some of the funnier moments. I also don't know that there is that much of me in there. Ryan, inherently, is somebody who's trying to do good and is trying to be the best person that he can be, and those are things I can relate to, so I suppose that part of me. There's a lot of heart to Ryan, and I think that it's an element of him that I relate to."
Okay, so what elements of Ryan have you taken for your own newly adopted traits, perhaps?
"Hopefully, nothing. (laughs) Ryan's really struggling most of the time and is constantly questioning himself and the world around him and is not always in the most comfortable of places, so hopefully none of that has rubbed off on me."
Wood  Gann and  Wilfred  costar Chris Klein
Wood, Gann and 'Wilfred' costar Chris Klein
Can you talk about what it was like working with Robin Williams, who guest starred on Wilfred?
"Oh, it was a joy, it was such a treat for all of us. We're all massive fans of his. And I've had the pleasure of working with Robin a number of times in the two Happy Feet films -- doing voice work --and he's just a delightful human being, so incredibly humble and so hilarious, and obviously an icon, and to get a chance to bring him in to our world on Wilfred was a total joy. And it was funny, we were sitting across from each other doing a scene and we realized that, and he said it, that this is the first time that we actually got to play a scene together in the flesh, like in front of each other and on film, and he was saying how enjoyable that was, which was wonderful. It was great to actually have a tangible space to work in as actors. It was great. I think he had a wonderful time. He worked with us for a few days, and I think he loved our crew, and he regaled people with stories and he spent almost all of his time hanging out on set. It was wonderful. It elevated our episode as well. It was a real treat for us."
Is Ryan a difficult character for you to get into, or can you relate to him easily?
"There are some things that I can relate to. Ryan is constantly at odds with himself and the world around him, and I don't necessarily relate to that. I think what Ryan is hugely informed by Jason. A lot of the time Ryan is reacting to the world around him and reacting to the scenarios that Wilfred's putting him in and trying to hold things together and to hold on to his own sense of -- and -- and what helps me as an actor is working with Jason. He provides me with a wealth of things to react to and different versions of his character that makes my job so much easier and helps to establish the character as well. This season, I think what's interesting about it is that you'll find -- the first season, obviously, we came to know these characters, we came to know Ryan as he came to know Wilfred and accepted Wilfred into his life, and I think was a little bit more easily fooled because it was all new to him, and I think what you'll find this season is Ryan is less quick to be fooled by, he's wised up a little bit to Wilfred. Wilfred can still pull the wool over his eyes a little bit, but he has a little bit more sense of control and autonomy this season than he did in the first."
Jason Gann as Wilfred
Jason Gann as Wilfred
Speaking of Jason, how hard is it for you to keep a straight face with him in that costume when he's doing things like humping "Bear"?
"Oh man, yes, I must say it's really funny. I was actually talking about this on set the other day, but the first season I rarely broke. It was actually funny, we were about a day or two before we were finished on the first season and Wilfred had this line, it was a nebulous line, it didn't seem particularly funny or outlandish, but he just said something that, I think Wilfred's line was 'I wasn't finished yet, Ryan,' or something, I had interrupted him, but I clearly hadn't, and it was that line, I didn't break all season for some reason, even though everything we were doing was hilarious and Jason was constantly funny, but I never broke until that line. It was the weirdest thing to break in. And this season has been the total opposite. I laughed so much this season and broke in so much more. I don't really know why that is. I don't know if it's because the material is funnier this season or if, I don't know, if I'm more comfortable with what we're doing and what we're creating that I'm laughing more, but Jason has made me laugh a lot this season. It's been hilarious. And I can't quite put my finger on it. I literally was talking about this the other day, it's like 'What is it about this season, why am I suddenly laughing at everything?' And we've had a couple of moments, like doing some of those couch -- at the end, where there was one thing, he changed a line of dialogue in one of the couch -- and you'll see it in the season, he changed one word and that one word change made the line so ridiculously funny that I broke and then every time we tried to do it again I knew it was coming, so we literally had to walk off set and clear the air, because he was laughing as well. It was great. It's been a really fun season. It's sort of ridiculous how much fun it is to come to work. It's just one of those jobs where every day I look forward to seeing everyone, every day I look forward to the material that we get a chance to make come to life. It's really a blessing. It's awesome."
Your body of work as an actor has always been so diverse -- from indie films and blockbuster films to a TV comedy like Wilfred. How important is it for you to keep that diversity in your resume as an actor?
"It's important. I think it's always been important to me. I think there's probably a few reasons why I think, first and foremost, it's just about my own interest in the art form, and I'm interested in all kinds of genres and all kinds of storytelling mediums, so I'm interested in new challenges and new experiences and different kinds of storytelling. But also as an actor that kind of diversity provides a constant challenge for me, this being a very good example, I've never done comedy, I've never done television before, so it was a brand new experience, and I think I'm always looking for new experiences. But I also love actors who have a diverse catalogue and have a diverse career, you can't really peg them. I never would want to be in that position where it's anticipated the kinds of things that I will be part of or that I'll do. Constantly doing different things frees me up as an actor to continue to do different things and do things that people wouldn't necessarily expect."
Which is your most favorite role that you've ever played, and which has been your most challenging role, and why for each one?
"Wow. I think one of my favorite experiences in my life was obviously doing the Lord Of The Rings, because there's nothing really that compared to that. It was such a unique opportunity and a unique experience, and there will never be an experience quite like it in my life. So that was extremely special to me, for a variety of reasons. I was 18 at the time, I was 22 when it was all over, and it was a huge growing period of my life, and living in New Zealand was an extraordinary experience. And playing the role was a unique challenge. I think a turning point in my life as an actor was probably The Ice Storm. I was 15 when I did the film, 15 or 16, and I had never had that kind of challenge as an actor before with that sort of material. All of the actors that worked on the film were given packets of information on the 1970s as research, and we each had a questionnaire for our characters to fill out. It was really immersive and a different approach to the craft than I'd ever had before and it felt like a massive growing experience. I always cite that. And another favorite experience of mine was working on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I think the character was interesting and dark and a bit skeevy, but the joy of that film was just simply being a part of a piece of art that I was in love with. In some ways I remember getting the script and thinking I would just as almost happily be doing catering on the film. I just wanted to work with Michael Gondry and with Kaufman. I was such a huge fan. That was a particularly special experience for me."
Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins from the  Lord Of The Rings  trilogy
Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins from the 'Lord Of The Rings' trilogy
Warner Bros/New Line
Did the filming of The Hobbit movies get in the way of filming the second season of Wilfred? Or, was it timed well enough so that you didn't have to worry about jumping from The Hobbit set location in New Zealand and then trying to get back to the States every week to film Wilfred?
"Oh, it was all done prior to the second season -- they've been filming The Hobbit for about a year, and I jumped on to it in July, a little bit in July last year, and a little bit in October, so it was all done prior to starting on the second season."
What's it like -- the differences for you -- between television versus film?
"The pace is more intense, we move at a much faster rate than films typically do. Like I said earlier, we're doing about four day episodes, so it's quite a lot of material in a short amount of time, so the pace is fast, I'm having to keep up. I have just about enough time to get home every night, go over the next day's work, get some sleep, and go at it again. So that's a marked difference. And I think the thing that was interesting for me, this is all relatively new for me being on a television show and being within a comedy, and what was so interesting last year is when it first aired the realization of the fact that it was in people's living rooms every week, it was such an interesting experience. I never experienced that. I'm used to making a film over 'x' amount of time, releasing it on to the world in cinemas, and then it goes away. But, with Wilfred, we were in people's living rooms for the course of the summer, which was so interesting, it was the thing that was kind of happening every week and that people were constantly reacting to, and it was an enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to people seeing it again and reacting to more of what we've done."
Was it easy or hard to get back into the role of Frodo for The Hobbit? What was it like coming back?
"It was a joy playing Frodo again. I actually watched The Fellowship of the Ring prior to working on The Hobbit again. I thought it would be a good idea to do a refresh, but it was actually easy, and I think what surprised me most about it, I expected it to be very strange and trippy in a way, and what was almost more surprising is how normal it felt. I remember I was on The Hobbit set and I was looking around, and I was in the feet and wig and ears and in my costume, and I was looking around and it felt like no time had passed and we were just still working on Lord of the Rings. And I think in some ways that tripped me out more than anything, at just how, like, 'Oh yes, here we are again, this is what we've been doing all this time.'"
Elijah Wood with his  Lord Of The Rings  and (rumored)  The Hobbit  costars: (left to right) Billy B...
Elijah Wood with his 'Lord Of The Rings' and (rumored) 'The Hobbit' costars: (left to right) Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Wood and Sean Astin
Warner Bros/New Line/
Can you talk about what it's like making the transition from being a child actor to an adult actor?
"To be honest, it's not even something that I was that aware of until I was already into my adulthood. There's no real equation there. There isn't a way for me to answer that, that can be quantified in specifics. Thinking about it, I was very lucky at a young age to never work on anything that made me a recognizable name really quickly, really early on. I think that had a lot to do with it. I had the gradual growth in terms of people being familiar with who I am. I never really worked on films that were specifically made for families and kids, and I think that helped as well, so I was never typecast as a young person. I think I was only interested, and I became increasingly as I grew into an adult, in being a part of different kinds of films and playing different kinds of roles, and I think that really helped. And also on a personal level humility was drilled into me from a young age from my family, I had a really strong family dynamic at home and a major sense of normalcy, so as a person I was always very grounded and had a relatively realistic perspective as to what I was doing in the world around me, so that helped. But I don't know that there's any way to really say. I've also just been simply lucky. I've had great opportunities to work with wonderful filmmakers and to work on a relatively diverse group of films, and I always thought as I became an adult, well, as long as I can continue to work and to work on different things I'll hopefully still have the opportunity to continue. I'm 31 now, which I can't really believe, and I'm still working. I was actually just in Baton Rouge and I did two days on a film called Pawn Shop Chronicles that's going to be amazing, I think, the film. It's a big ensemble piece. I was working with Matt Dillon for two days, which was a joy, and Wayne Kramer, who directed The Cooler and Running Scared directed it, and I just had these two days, it was an absolute joy and we did some ridiculous things that I think are going to be really exciting. It just reminded me what a gift it is that I get to do what I do. I'm very lucky to still be working and I never take that for granted. Transition, I suppose I have made that transition, but I don't really think about it. I just think about the here and now and what I'm doing and hopefully what I'll get to be doing in the future."
Charlie Sheen's also got a show coming out (Anger Management) on the FX Network. It's coming out on the same night as yours. What's your take on a new Thursday lineup for FX?
"I haven't seen his show, nor have I seen Russell Brand's show, so I don't have a take, per se. I'm excited to see both of them. As a result of their being included, we have this comedy lineup of four shows now. I'm a huge, huge fan of Louis' (C.K.) show (Louie: The Complete Second Season is now available on Blu-ray & DVD). I think Louie's show is perhaps the best comedy on television. I'm very excited to see his third season. But it's exciting to be a part of a block of comedy. FX makes very interesting and unique choices, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all fits together. I'm curious to see it. Again, I can't really say any more than that seeing as I haven't seen the show."
How many dog suits are there for Wilfred?
"There are a few. I think there are two or three, but they made a couple of extra this season. And I don't know if anybody saw the promos, but there was a promo with Wilfred, and he has one suit that's pretty and is trying to look his best in the scenario in a freshly groomed suit, which tends to actually be a lot hotter for Jason because there's far more fur, it's very well coiffed."
You were saying how much you enjoyed doing the first season and the upcoming second season, so do you see yourself doing a Season 4, 5 or 6 of Wilfred, if everybody still loves it as much as they do now? Would you like to do it long term?
"I would like to do the show as long as I feel like there are stories to tell. What I would hate to happen is for us to tread over similar ground and tell stories that are rehashing things we've already explored. I think as long as there's a story to tell and the characters are progressing as a reason to tell these stories, then I would love to carry on. But I would hate for it to feel like we're milking something. Integrity is extremely important to me and I want its integrity to remain intact, and I would hate to just do a bunch of episodes over and over again just to do them. So I don't know how long the shelf life is. The construct is very unique."
Wood  Gann and Fiona Gobelmann as  Jenna  on  Wilfred
Wood, Gann and Fiona Gobelmann as "Jenna" on 'Wilfred'
Luckily, you're on a great network like FX. It's a great network to be on.
"It's fantastic. They are huge supporters of our show and as a result we do get a lot of creative freedom to make the kind of show that we want to make. I think as long as we get to make the show that we want to make and we feel like there's enough for us to continue to explore, then I'm happy to keep doing the show, yes. I absolutely love it. But also I must say I'm a huge fan of shows that also know what their shelf life is.
I look to shows like Extras or The Office, or any number of British television shows that only lasted two seasons, because they told a story over the course of those two seasons and it was enough. So we're clearly going to hopefully go beyond two seasons, but I don't see this running seven, eight, or nine seasons either."
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Two brothers with very different ways of looking at the world come together to help each other find their way in the whimsical comedy Jeff, Who Lives At Home. Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) stars as the hapless title character, Ed Helms (The Hangover 1 & 2) as his slightly more accomplished brother and Academy Award-winner Susan Sarandon as their long-suffering mother in this quirky and hilarious comedy from Mark and Jay Duplass (Cyrus). Jeff, Who Lives At Home is the story of one man’s hilarious search for the meaning of life. As slacker Jeff stumbles towards enlightenment, he uncovers answers to his nagging family’s problems. Jeff has no idea where he’s going but when he finally gets there, he might just find out what it’s all about. Judy Greer (The Descendants) and Rae Dawn Chong (St. Elsewhere) also star in this delightfully entertaining film that is filled with loads of laughs. The disc features UltraViolet, which allows viewers to add movies to their digital collection in the cloud, and then stream or download them – reliably and securely – to a variety of devices. ON THE NET: For a trailer, gallery and more, visit Jeff's Official Site at * To watch the Jeff, Who Lives at Home Trailer "Want a Better Life" TV Spot, go to * At Twitter at and FACEBOOK at
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Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston star in director David Wain's laugh-out-loud comedy about leaving it all behind. After George (Rudd) loses his high-stress Manhattan job, he and his wife, Linda (Aniston), hit the road and wind up crashing at Elysium, a free-spirited community of hippies, tree-huggers and the occasional nudist. Produced by Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, David Wain and Ken Marino, the hilarious Wanderlust features an all-star ensemble cast including Justin Theroux, Malin Akerman, Lauren Ambrose, Kathryn Hahn and Alan Alda. Blu-ray Bonus Features: "Wanderlust: The Bizarro Cut!" - Check out an alternate version of the film with different jokes in every scene!; "God Afton! Behind The Scenes Of Wanderlust"; "Wainy Says: Elysium" - See the cast in this Exclusive Episode from The Hit Web Series; Gag Reel and Line-O-Rama. ON THE NET: To gain access to Wanderlust on FACEBOOK, YouTube, Twitters, scenes and trailers and Director David Wain’s Blog Website, go to the Official Site at
Green Planet Productions
The Big Fix
Having won the Best International Documentary award at the 15th Environmental Film Festival 2012 Cinemambiente in Torino, Italy, The Big Fix is part daring journalism, part archival investigation and part eco-horror story. The Green Planet Productions release features Peter Fonda and received critical acclaim in 2011 as the only Official Selection documentary of the Cannes Film Festival. The Big Fix is the daring new movie from the filmmakers of the award winning Sundance documentary Fuel, husband and wife directing/producing team Josh and Rebecca Harrell Tickell. Through interviews with scientists, government officials, journalists, attorneys (including New Orleans Toxic Tort attorney Stuart Smith) and Gulf States natives, The Big Fix recounts the events surrounding the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico and paints a disturbing picture of the aftermath of the largest oil spill in America’s history. The Big Fix reveals the powerful political and corporate system that put profits over the health and long-term sustainability of people and the environment. No matter what the petroleum and government officials say, the oil is still coming ashore, the seafood industry is wiped out, and many people of the locals are sick. The Big Fix also explores the complicit behavior of the US government in the long-term use of the chemical dispersant, Corexit 9527, a known hemolytic (blood thinner). In an unexpected twist of fate, Co-Director/Producer Rebecca Harrell Tickell became severely ill after being exposed to the oil and Corexit mixture while filming. Her health struggle is cataloged in the film. DVD Bonus Features: An exclusive Jason Mraz interview; "How to Get Your Car Off Oil" video; Deleted Scenes; Directors’ Commentary and an Update from the Directors and Secret Features. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Site at or go to FACEBOOK at
The Code
Setting out to solve the world’s mathematical mysteries, the engaging three-part BBC documentary, The Code, is the follow up to the hugely successful documentary, The Story of Math. Author, TV presenter, and Oxford University professor, Marcus du Sautoy travels from Chartres Cathedral to Grand Central Station in search of the mysterious hidden code that can unlock the very laws of the universe. What makes the world operate the way it does? Are there patterns to what happens or do we live in a universe of random events that cannot be predicted or explained? Marcus du Sautoy sets out to answer these and other questions, convinced there is a mathematical formula that can identify patterns and connect everything we see around us. Broadcast on BBC2 in July 2011 and available to U.S. audiences for the first time, The Code, offers a deft blend of entertainment and education, exploring the power of numbers. DVD Bonus Features: The featurettes: "Math Shorts: Phi’s the Limit" - Explores the relationship between beauty and the golden ratio or phi.; "Go Forth and Multiply" - Thousands of years before programmers dreamed in binary, Ethiopian traders unlocked the base-2 system and "Imagining the Impossible: The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher" - examines the Dutch artist’s experimentation with tessellation; plus a 12-page viewer’s guide with articles on the early history of mathematics, the story of pi, and famous sites and structures by the numbers. ON THE NET: For discussion questions on The Code, click to
This Is Civilization
This Is Civilization follows the common threads of inspiration and influence that link diverse art movements over centuries and continents. Artist and broadcaster Matthew Collings travels from London to Beijing in this sweeping four-part series and contemporary update of the BBC’s landmark 1969 series Civilization, with an expanded focus on non-Western art. Collings traces the currents of emotion, money, and politics that shaped art through the centuries as he walks the halls of London’s Tate Gallery, the temples of ancient Egypt, a munitions-factory-turned-art space in Beijing, and other locales. As Collings shows, intricate patterns on mosques exude the same unifying aesthetic found in Jackson Pollock’s paintings, and kitschy reprints of Mao Zedong echo the devotional zeal of medieval church mosaics. At the same time, cultural forces as diverse as fascism and Christianity leave their own distinctive stamps on the art of their eras. The program was shot on location in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, China, Turkey, Egypt, and the U.S. and aired on the Ovation Channel in March 2009. DVD Bonus Features: A 12-page viewer’s guide with articles including "Muse vs. Master," "Living in the Material World" and "The Art of War"; Biographies of featured artists ON THE NET: Discussion questions and more about This Is Civilization at
Trial & Retribution: Set 5
Trial & Retribution offers four more riveting mysteries created and written by the Emmy nominee, BAFTA winner and Prime Suspect creator Lynda La Plante—“the playwright laureate of women crime-stoppers." This long-running, hit British crime series displays the same gritty realism and penetrating drama that made Prime Suspect a television landmark. Akin to Law & Order, Trial & Retribution takes viewers from the crime scene to the forensics laboratory and from police headquarters to the courtroom. As DCS Mike Walker and DCI Roisin Connor -- David Hayman (Sid and Nancy) and Victoria Smurfit (About a Boy) -- lend steely credibility to cases ripped from today’s headlines. From a man who may have been wrongly convicted of murder to a seemingly untouchable Ukrainian billionaire, these four feature-length episodes take an unflinching look at criminal investigations and the scars left on the survivors. Available to U.S. audiences for the first time with its DVD release, Set 5 features four feature-length mysteries that are rich with innovative storytelling and compelling, fully realized characters -- including police investigating a call girl’s murder, the murder of a famous pediatric surgeon, an ex-con’s innocence and the search for an old friend’s missing sister. ON THE NET: For more on Trial & Retribution, Set 5 and earlier series sets of the hit show, click to
The Legend Of Hell's Gate
Based on real events, this Texas-based tale uncovers the mystery of the events surrounding the legendary Hell's Gate, a cliff formation that rises out of Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. When a curious errand boy catches wind of one of America's most infamous crimes -- the assassination of Abraham Lincoln -- he falls in with two desperate men on the wrong side of the law. Crossing paths with some of the West's most notorious figures, these three outlaws fight for their lives in the pursuit of fame and riches. Few are to be trusted, as their interwoven stories prove that everyone has a hidden agenda, and by no means is anyone innocent. Fueled by a talented ensemble cast -- including Summer Glau, Jenna Dewan, Henry Thomas, Eric Balfour, director Tanner Beard and writer Jim Beaver -- The Legend Of Hell's Gate blends legend and history into a Western spectacle that recounts the treacherous existence in post-Civil War Texas. DVD Bonus Features: Deleted Scenes; Photo Gallery and Trailer. ON THE NET: To check out the film's Official Website, visit http://www. * View trailers and scenes at YouTube, including the official trailer at * To connect with The Legend of Hell's Gate, visit FACEBOOK at
Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Nine
The house that Tyler Perry built is back with Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Nine. The all-new 3-disc DVD set includes 24 episodes of the hit TBS series, which has been honored with 12 NAACP Image Awards to date -- including Outstanding Comedy Series three years in a row -- and a Vision Award for Best Comedic Performance (Larraime Doc Shaw). Millions of fans have made this series one of the most beloved family comedies ever. Join the multi-generational Payne family as they creatively, and hysterically, address everyday hurdles in which we can all relate. With a mix of comedy and drama, this fun-filled and inspiring series confronts real-life issues with good humor, grace and hearty banter. Make room for more fun as Tyler Perry's beloved family, the Paynes, return for more rib-tickling, roof-raising hilarity. Curtis "Pops" Payne may be retired from the firehouse, but he's busier than blazes coping with problems around the home. And there're more than enough challenges awaiting him and his ever-loving wife Ella as they humorously handle whatever family, friends and life throw at them in Volume Nine of this family favorite. ON THE NET: Head to the Official House Of Payne Website at
Down For the Count
With the feel of The Fighter, the intensity of Wrath of the Titans and the stamina of Warrior, the action-packed Down for the Count is inspired by true events, and the thrilling film stars Somruk Khamsing (Born to Fight) and introduces Kaoklai Kannorasing. One man travels to an unfamiliar country with hopes of becoming a professional fighter. Upon his arrival, he runs into a series of unfortunate events which leave him broke and with no place to stay. But he stumbles upon a rugged Muay Thai boxing camp that allows him to train and fight. Through his fights in and outside of the ring, his talent and skill lead him to his biggest fight yet -- against the world champion -- leaving only one man as a winner in the ring. DVD Bonus Feature: Trailer Gallery ON THE NET: For several scenes and trailers for the film, visit the "Image Results" on Yahoo after typing in "Down For The Count movie"
Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites (Vol. 1) + Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy (Vol. 2)
The Power Rangers have returned to save the world in Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites (Vol. 1) and Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy (Vol. 2). Join the team of Samurai Rangers as they battle Master Xandred and his evil Nighlok monsters to defend mankind. Power Rangers, a fan favorite, combines action-filled story lines with humor and heart while promoting strong values including teamwork, friendship, honor, fitness and loyalty. THE TEAM UNITES - Master Xandred, the evil Nighlok leader, has reawakened. And it's up to Red Ranger Jayden and his Mentor Ji to form a new team of Samurai Rangers! Bound to duty by ancestry, Kevin, Mike, Emily and Mia join Jayden in his quest to abolish evil from the world. Soon, the teens must work together, with the help of their inherited symbol powers, to battle and defeat the menacing Nighlok monsters.
Meanwhile, Xandred moves forward with his plan to cause the waters of the Sanzu River to rise with human tears and flood Earth. The Samurais must risk everything to keep their friends, family and civilization safe. Featuring non-stop energy, incredible transformations and the power of teamwork, these four adventures are filled with serious Samurai action! A NEW ENEMY - A new threat lurks deep from the Netherworld and the future of mankind rests in the hands of the only team with the knowledge and powers to defeat them - Power Rangers Samurai! Jayden, Kevin, Mia, Mike, Emily and Antonio must battle Master Xandred's menacing Nighlok monsters as they also learn to hone their powers and energies from Mentor Ji. Whether it's saving civilians from physically crippling insults, mastering new Megazords and Beetle Cannons, the Rangers must do whatever it takes to bring down the Nighlok monsters. Unfortunately, a mysterious new enemy appears on the horizon, intent on battling Jayden. Who will prevail? DVD Bonus Features: Auditions; Behind-the-scenes training; Character and weapons galleries, bloopers and more. ON THE NET: Head to the Official Power Ranger Samurai Site at
Buena Vista
Evita: 15th Anniversary Edition
Celebrate the 15 anniversary of an inspirational classic -- now in High Definition. Join two of the world's greatest and most enduring superstars, Madonna and Antonio Banderas, in the epic musical even that is Evita. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Alan Parker, Evita is the riveting true-life story of Eva Peron (Madonna), who rose above childhood poverty and a scandalous past to achieve unimaginable fortune and fame. Despite widespread controversy, her passion changed a nation forever. Garnering an Academy Award for Best Song (1996, "You Must Love Me," By Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber) and 3 Golden Globe Awards (Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Song) -- critics across the world hailed Evita as an indelible masterpiece. Now, with a new state-of-the-art digital restoration, you can experience every astonishing scene and unforgettable song like never before! Bonus Features: "The Making Of Evita"; Madonna's Music Video for "You Must Love Me" and Teaser Trailer. ON THE NET: For Clips and Trailers to Evita visit YouTube and type in "Evita movie" or visit the Official Site for the new Broadway Revival of Evita (featuring Ricky Martin) at
Disney/Buena Vista
Newsies: 20th Anniversary Edition
Extra! Extra! Disney celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the classic family musical, Newsies -- presented for the first time with an astonishing state-of-the-art digital restoration! Starring Academy Award winners Christian Bale (Best Supporting Actor,The Fighter) and Robert Duvall (Best Actor, Tender Mercies) and screen favorite Ann-Margret, Newsies tells the tale of a courageous group of newsboys in a classic musical style. Enjoy incredible dance sequences brilliantly choreographed by Kenny Ortega (High School Musical) and songs by Hollywood legend Alan Menken (Beauty And The Best). Experience this critically acclaimed film -- bursting with unforgettable music -- in a whole new way on Blu-ray. Bonus Features: Audio Commentary With Filmmakers; "Newsies, Newsies See All About It"; "Newsies: The Inside Story"; "The Strike! The True Story" "Storyboard-to Scene Comparison Sequence With Audio Commentary" and a Sing-Along Feature. ON THE NET: For Clips and Trailers to Newsies visit YouTube and type in "Newsies movie" or visit the Official Site for the new Broadway Production of Newsies at
Disney/Buena Vista
Sister Act: 20th Anniversary Edition - Two Movie Collection
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of a comedy classic that packed pews everywhere, Disney is releasing a special 2-movie collection, featuring Sister Act and Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, on Blu-ray. Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg (Best Actress In a Supporting Role, Ghost) stars as a sassy lounge singer forced to hide from the mob in the last place anyone would ever look for her -- a convent -- where her fun-loving attitude turns the nuns' tone-deaf choir into a soulful chorus of swingin' singin' sisters. In the sidesplitting sequel, Whoopi is back for another hilarious adventure as Sister Mary Clarence spreads the gift of music and the power of laughter at an inner-city school. Harvey Keitel and Kathy Najimy join a heavenly cast in these habit-forming comedies busting with '60s Motown hits. Relive all the fun and irresistible music of both movies. Bonus Features: "Inside Sister Act"; "If My Sister's In Trouble" Music Video By Lady Soul and "I Will Follow Him" Music Video By Deloris and the Sisters. ON THE NET: For Clips and Trailers to both Sister Act movies, go to YouTube and type in "Sister Act movie" or visit the Official Site for the new Broadway Production of Sister Act (with Raven-Symone) at
Buena Vista
Academy Award-nominated superstar Tom Cruise (Best Actor, Jerry Maguire) lights up the screen as Brian Flanagan, a young and ambitious bartender who becomes the toast of Manhattan's Upper East Side. When Brian moves to Jamaica and meets an independent artist, their passionate romance brings a new perspective to his flashy, self-centered lifestyle. Academy Award-nominated Elisabeth Shue (Best Actress, Leaving Las Vegas) and Bryan Brown (Gorillas In The Mist) join Cruise in this exciting drama, sizzling with high-powered performances and a sensational soundtrack. The Roger Donaldson-directed Cocktail is a perfect mix on Blu-ray. ON THE NET: Visit the Official Cocktail Site at
Buena Vista
The Color Of Money: 25th Anniversary Edition
Experience legendary actor Paul Newman in the role that earned him a Best Actor Academy Award. Newman joins Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol) in Academy Award-winning Martin Scorsese's (Best Director, The Departed) brilliant and powerful drama, The Color Of Money -- with an astonishing digital transfer. Revisiting one of his most memorable roles, Newman stars as Fast Eddie Felson from The Hustler. Eddie forms a profitable alliance with the flashy and talented young pool shark Vince (Cruise), but all bets are off when Vince's arrogance costs them more than just a few matches. ON THE NET: Relive The Color Of Money at it's Official Website at
Buena Vista
Ransom: 15th Anniversary Edition
Commemorate the 15th anniversary of Ransom -- a critically acclaimed smash hit starring Academy Award winner Mel Gibson (Best Director, Braveheart) and directed by Academy Award winner Ron Howard (Best Director, A Beautiful Mind) -- with an incredible new digital restoration. Tom Mullen (Gibson) is a wealthy executive whose life is suddenly shattered when a gang of ruthless criminals abducts his young son and holds him for ransom. But it's the kidnappers who are shocked when Mullen boldly turns the tables in a last-ditch effort to rescue his boy. Rene Russo (Thor) and Gary Sinise (Forrest Gump) join an excellent cast in a brilliant thriller that pays off with nonstop excitement! Bonus Features: Extensive Deleted Scenes; "What Would You Do?" featurette with Cast & Crew; Commentary with Director Ron Howard; "Captivating Behind The Scenes Special with Cast And Filmmakers and the International Theatrical Trailer. ON THE NET: For scenes and trailer, go to YouTube and type in "Ransom movie."
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