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article imageYammer CEO party leaked photos

By David Amerland     Jun 20, 2012 in World
Los Angeles - Yammer CEO, David Sacks, throws a lavish period party and hopes, in vain, that it will be kept a secret in the social media age. See all the leaked photographs.
In the social media age, the Greek maxim that nothing remains hidden under the sun has become a way of life. Yammer CEO, David Sacks, decided to throw a lavish 18th century costume party to celebrate his 40th birthday, and the fact that Microsoft is buying his company for over $1 billion.
Conscious of the fact that in age of OWS sentiment and 99% outrage, a party themed around the “let them eat cake” epoch might sit a little uncomfortably with the press and the public, he ordered his guests to keep it a secret.
These days, however, it is not lips which are loose, but fingers. No sooner had the party invitations gone out than party guests were blogging or Tweeting about the event.
Mention of the party, aptly titled “Let Them Eat Cake” was banned, with social media being off-limits, which is ironic perhaps as the first announcement of the banning was by a guest Tweeting it.
The issue, of course, is neither the party itself, thrown to celebrate a landmark birthday, nor the theme, though an argument could be made here that it is a tad tasteless. The secrecy however is something entirely different. Obviously, it did not work and you can see the leaked photos from the party here.
Is there going to be any fallout from this? Probably no. Apart from a certain degree of goodwill that Sacks is going to lose with the media and the public, there is nothing done here which could be called wrong, and with the Microsoft deal almost signed and sealed he will soon be laughing on his way to the bank.
The lesson however is that we live in a world where secrets are now hard to keep. If you do not want something made known you simply need to do what the Zuckerbergs did and simply not tell anybody until the very last minute.
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