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article imageVideo: San Diego sidewalk singer Charlie Rae goes viral on Reddit

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 19, 2012 in Entertainment
San Diego - A street performer, Charlie Rae, was transformed overnight into a viral sensation after a video of her performing on the streets of San Diego was posted to YouTube. The video became an instant hit on Reddit and has received nearly 400,000 views.
According to The Daily Dot, Rae is a struggling pop artist from San Diego. She was seated on the sidewalk of a busy street in downtown San Diego, performing an acoustic version of her ballad "What Do You Know," when a marketing consultant, enthralled by her performance, captured her on a cell phone.
MSN Now reports that the marketing consultant wrote: "I heard her from a few blocks away and sat through three songs with my mouth wide open."
The video titled "Beautiful Musician on Sidewalk in Downtown San Diego," was posted to YouTube on June 13.
The Daily Dot reports that on Monday, Rae took part in a Reddit "ask me anything" (AMA) session. Her Reddit fans got to meet the newly made artist who lived in Phoenix Arizona for a decade before she recently relocated to San Diego. Rae, who said she had opened up for singers such as Sheryl Crow and Michelle Branch, said she has self-released a live album. MSN Now reports she said she had also opened for Pat Benatar.
Rae explains why she was singing on the street: “The thing is, whether or not people listen to my music, I also do it for the practice. It has given me the confidence to play in such a capricious setting... I never know what kind of crowd I will have. One day it will be well over 100 and on another it will be maybe only a few couples. Performing on the street has definitely been the most humbling experience for [me] personally... I truly think playing on the street has been more intimate and a learning experience than any paying gig.”
Her Reddit fans were effusive. According to The Daily Dot:
Velociriah wrote: “You are incredible. Please never stop making music.”
DanE3030: “You are wonderfully talented and I wish that you may harness the power of reddit/the internet to gain the recognition and fame that you have worked so hard to achieve."
Rae said that in the past year and a half she has worked at Jamba Juice and served as a nanny to hostess jobs. She admits she is very much in need of a break.
And Reddit might just have changed everything for Rae. She said: “Someone emailed me and said my video was getting a bunch of views and I checked it and kinda freaked out."
The Daily Dot reports a few producers and publishing companies have reached out to her.
Rae has promised to perform at the Global Reddit Meetup in San Diego on Saturday.
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