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article imageHalf of Greek police force voted for Golden Dawn

By Katerina Nikolas     Jun 21, 2012 in Politics
Greece's far-right Golden Dawn party maintained seven percent of the vote in the June 17 elections, winning 18 seats in the Greek parliament. Support held strong in one sector as figures show that half of Greece's police force voted for Golden Dawn.
To Vima published figures showing half of Greece's police force voted for Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi), a figure unchanged since the failed May 6 elections. The paper says this phenomenon raises "numerous questions about the political perceptions and choices of uniformed official."
The questions become easier to answer when one considers that although a core element of Golden Dawn may have neo-Nazi associations, the majority of their support comes from average Greek citizens who want a voice in parliament to bring attention to the breakdown in law and order and ever increasing burden of seemingly unstoppable immigration through Turkey. Support for Golden Dawn does not indicate that almost half-a-million Greeks have suddenly developed Nazi sympathy.
Digital Journal has spoken to many people regarding their voting intentions and found fishermen, taverna owners, businessmen and farmers numbering those who lent their support to Golden Dawn. Unanimously they did not harbour neo-Nazi sentiments and had no desire to see a large majority of Golden Dawn in parliament, just enough to stress the case for more action to be taken on crime. Unanimously they all opined that if Golden Dawn became a too powerful presence they would cast their votes elsewhere next time. Digital Journal found that those voting for Golden Dawn did so as a protest vote against the traditional mainstream parties of New Democracy and PASOK, by voters who had no time for the KKE Communists of the Coalition of the Extreme Left SYRIZA.
Since the far-right won seven percent of the vote in May there has been a marked increase in attacks on migrants, particularly in Athens. This is linked to an increase in crime which is perceptibly associated with the rise in illegal immigrants, though random attacks on migrants does nothing to address the actual crime wave that a minority of immigrants are involved in.
It may appear odd that police representing law and order should support a party allegedly associated with violence, but violence is not limited to the right. Indeed, the violence that is often directed at the police comes from the extreme-left. Violent protests which officers' police are often associated with the far-left rather than the far-right.
Ekathimerini reported the Athens prosecutor has brought charges against Ifikratis Amyras, linked to Syriza's extreme-left coalition, who was videoed urging people to use “Molotov cocktails, knives and clubs.” He was charged on Wednesday for inciting Greeks "to conduct an armed struggle against their government and the country's international creditors."
Digital Journal recently reported that the acclaimed Greek-American journalist and author Nicholas Gage said "Greek police officials say Syriza encouraged the violent demonstrations that have plagued Athens over the past two years. Unlike all other Greek political leaders." Faced with violent protesters from the far-left it becomes more understandable why Greek police would favour the far-right, particularly as Golden Dawn have maintained a high profile emphasis against crime and support Greek people who have become victims of crime.
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