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article image'Fit to Print' co-producer Nancy Wolfe talks about the new film Special

By R. Francis Rubio     Jun 20, 2012 in Entertainment
Featured in articles by Digital Journal, Politico, Huffington Post and more, the new documentary film "Fit to Print" is starting to generate more and more buzz around the news-media world.
"Fit to Print" is the brainchild of former New York Times copy-editor Adam Chadwick.
In the documentary film, Chadwick, along with a small group of journalists and filmmakers attempt to take the audience "on a behind-the-scenes journey through the current upheaval in the U.S. newspaper industry."
As described on its Facebook site, the documentary "tells the personal stories, in their own words, of those working, or previously working within the newspaper industry."
Earlier in the month, Digital Journal published an article featuring "Fit to Print" and its take on the steady decline of print-news today. Shortly after, the film's co-producer Nancy Wolfe contacted DJ. During the conversation, the producer kindly gave us an update on the project and shared some of her thoughts on the film.
Film poster for the documentary  Fit to Print
Film poster for the documentary "Fit to Print"
Poster created by Bryan Ribeiro
DJ: What is the project's main goal overall and what lead to the decision to make the film?
Wolfe: "The project's main goal is to expose why we got into this mess and what the cost is for the American public. Adam decided to start the film because he saw a big change happening in 2009 and he wanted to document it."
DJ: How did you first get involved with this film?
Wolfe: "I got involved in the film through a mutual friend of Adam's, Sam Weisberg. I began helping them out on smaller aspects of the film, such as travel and music, but in 2010 I took on a larger role as co-producer. Adam began the project while he was still working at the New York Times in 2009."
How far along in production are you and when is the film expected to be finished?
Wolfe: "We are in post-production and expect to finish by Fall 2012."
DJ: How is "Fit to Print" being funded?
Wolfe: "We are being funded using a crowd-funding application called Individuals can contribute to our project by visiting"
DJ: On a personal level; What has this project meant to you and have you learned anything new about the "News Biz" during your time on the film?
Wolfe: "This film means a great deal to me. I have met many people along the way that have touched me with their stories of layoffs, of corruption, and it empowers us to make great strides in the way we tell this story. What I have learned about the industry has been shocking - what happens behind the closed door meetings and how entire investigative units have been slashed to protect profits."
DJ: What has the atmosphere been like during production and has there been many ups and downs along the way?
Wolfe: "We go into a shoot not knowing what we'll get. We have our questions set up, an idea of what the interviewee will say, but then we end up getting something great or horrible. That's the thing with documentaries, you have no idea what footage you will grab on any given day. So you roll with the punches and if you see something great happening, keep shooting."
DJ: What type of response has the project received from the newspaper industry in general?
Wolfe: "We have received a lot of great responses, like our Politico coverage, and from journalists all over the globe, but of course a lot of the large media companies are wary of what the film will uncover about them."
Nancy Wolfe received her training in film and journalism at The New School in NYC. An accomplished musician and artist in her own right, Wolfe is also a published critic for books, film and music.
Known as “Fit to Print”‘s technical jill of all trades, the producer also doubles as the film's travel coordinator, segment editor, second shooter, sound operator, music coordinator and much more...
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