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article imageIndian man beheads daughter because she eloped with boyfriend

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 18, 2012 in Lifestyle
Jaipur - Police say that an Indian man in the Rajasamand district, who was enraged about his married daughter's "indecent" relations with men, beheaded her with a sword and paraded the head in his village before surrendering himself to the police.
The Telegraph reports police say that Marble miner Ogad Singh's 20-year-old daughter Manju Kunwar, married three years ago but she was living with her parents in the Rajasthani village of Dungarji ka Gudha, 250 miles from Jaipur, after she left her husband two years ago. According to police superintendent Umesh Ojha, Singh was upset when he discovered that his daughter was having illicit relations with other men while she lived in his house. He became enraged when she finally eloped with one of her lovers two weeks ago, AP reports.
Ojha said that Singh managed to lure his daughter back home on Sunday and then beheaded her with a sword on Monday.
According to Deccan Chronicle, police say that 24 hours after he chopped of his daughter's head, he reported at the police station with it, showing no signs of remorse for his action.
Deccan Chronicle reports police arrested Ogad Singh immediately. He told them he was unhappy about his daughter's conduct
According to Deccan Chronicle, a local resident who witnessed Singh carrying his daughter's head in the village, said: “He was walking with the severed head and the sword when he was spotted by a local resident, who asked him to go to a police station. The policemen were shocked to see him with the chopped head."
India Express reports that Manju was caught with a man only a few days before she eloped with another. The incidents deeply embarrassed her father. He proceeded to behead his daughter late in the evening when both of them were alone in the house. Then he walked around the village with the head before he surrendered at the Gomti police outpost.
The Telegraph reports that Manju Kunwar's mother, a farmer, was working in the fields when the incident happened. She was too distressed to comment.
Police say Manju's head and the rest of her body were cremated according to Hindu custom.
According to AP, traditional marriage customs place severe restrictions on a woman's independence. But with increasing modernized cultural outlook of younger Indians, social conflict between the younger and older generations is common.
India Express reports that in a separate incident, an alcoholic man in the Hanumangarh district, repeatedly banged his two-year-old daughter against the ground after a domestic row with his wife on Friday night.
He buried the body, but police exhumed it after the child's mother reported to the police.
The man absconded. Police say they are investigating the incident.
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