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article imageOp-Ed: Nevada conservatives OK with whorehouses, not same sex marriage

By Bill Schmalfeldt     Jun 17, 2012 in Politics
Las Vegas - A recent Public Policy Poll (PPP) finds a agreement between Republicans and Democrats in Nevada. If we may quote directly from the poll results themselves... "There's one thing Nevada voters across party lines can agree on: they love them some brothels."
Ohhhhhhh, yeeeaaaaaah! Silver State residents love them some of that legal poon-for-pay. According to the poll:
64% think brothels should be legal to only 23% who think they should be illegal. The most striking thing in these numbers is that an equal 66% of Democrats and Republicans each think that brothels should be legal.
Well, in a free wheeling state like Nevada where "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" one would figure that your average Nevadan would be in favor of places where daddy can sneak out at night, get some nice lady to do things that mommy doesn't like to do, and then daddy can come home all relaxed and not get drunk and beat his wife and kids. Right? So, what's more family-friendly than whorehouses?
Not gay marriage! No sir. Nevadans may be a forgiving, understanding bunch. But they draw the line at homosexuals getting married, according to the poll. At least, the Republicans do.
In late March we found that only 20% of Nevada GOP voters supported gay marriage so that's an interesting take on family values there.
So, yes. You are reading this correctly. 66% of Nevada Republicans have no problem whatsoever with the marriage-reaffirming, family-supportive whorehouses where Papa can dress up in pink panties and have one of the nice ladies spank him like the bad little boy he knows he is. But only 20% find any favor with the monogamous union of one man to another man, one woman to another woman, in a life-long commitment of love, honor and respect that doesn't involve visits to the Bunny Ranch.
"Well, wee-haw! After all, you start lettin' them gays' get married and have civil rights and stuff, that would destroy the sanctity of marriage and the basic foundation of the family," said family man Lester "Coot" McQuistion, a business owner in Winnemucca, married with five kids, as he was being ridden like a horse by a very appealing lady wearing nothing but boots and a pink cowboy hat in one of the local bordellos.
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