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article imageGerman Bild tells Greeks who to vote for

By Katerina Nikolas     Jun 17, 2012 in World
The German press is keen to ensure the Greek electorate vote in the way Germany dictates. Firstly Financial Times Deutschland recommended how Greeks vote and now Bild has gone as far as publishing a letter directed at Greek voters.
The full text of the Bild letter, courtesy of Athens News, reads:
"Dear Greeks,
You are a proud people, a proud nation. Tomorrow (today) you have yet another set of elections.
You say: We're free. Bild says: It's in your hands. There is a difference.
If you did not want our billions, it would have been fine by us for you to vote for any leftists or rightist clown you wanted. But for over two years now, the situation is like this:
Your ATM's continue to give you euros, only because we put them there, the Germans and the other nations that have the euro.
Yet you still, calls us Nazis, which we do not find funny. But anyway. But let's be clear on this:
If the elections are won by parties that want to put an end to austerity and reform, breaching every agreement, we will stop paying. The agreement was: you fix your country and meanwhile we will help you. If you do not want this anymore, then we do not want it either.
It's in your hands. You have elections tomorrow (today). But you have no options. You will choose between painful logic and complete disaster. And we are very much afraid that you don't get that yet.
Yours in friendship
Your Bild."
The warning came just days after German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted Greek austerity was necessary to act as an example to the euro zone to keep other countries on line with the German message, and follows the example of Financial Times Deutschland who also thought it necessary to direct hapless Greek voters.
FTD sent a recommendation, rather than an explicit directive to, Greeks. According to Keep Talking Greece it wrote "the FTD makes a recommendation to the Greek voters as an exceptional move. Something that the FTD does also for German and EU parliament elections.
Resist to demagogy of Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA. Do not trust their promises that the denouncement of the loan agreements is possible without consequences.
Your country finally needs a functioning state. For your smooth governance we recommend Nea Dimocratia, even thought the recommendation is half-hearted…The best option for your country would be a coalition government with Antonis Samaras as leader and not Alexis Tsipras…..”
Syriza reacted to the FTD advice by calling it "a crude and unprecedented intervention, which offends national dignity and tries to undermine democracy.” Even the party which received the FTD mandate, New Democracy, felt obliged to comment, issuing a statement saying “We are a proud people. We do not want orders. We do not want provocation and manipulation."
Attempts by the German press to influence the Greek electorate could well backfire as voters will not accept diktat's lightly.
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