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article imageVideo: A bride sings a love ballad as she walks down the aisle

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 17, 2012 in Lifestyle
The video shows a bride expressing her feelings about the groom and the special moment for both by singing a love ballad as the she walks down the aisle. .
She is not exactly professional class, for she fails to hit the right note at critical moments in her performance, but for an ordinary woman in love, her courage deserves an applause.
The video begins with the doors of the church swinging open dramatically to show the bride standing, holding a microphone in both hands. The church audience await in silence. After a brief pause she begins her love song while her groom stands somewhat awkwardly at the alter.
Daily Mail speculates she probably wrote the song herself. A commenter on YouTube says the song is "The Right Man" by Christina Aguilera. The song tells the story of her "fatherless childhood" and how she has found the "right man." She sings:
"I'm all made up today with a veil upon my face but no father stands beside me to give this bride away..."
Soon the chorus begins:
"Well, I'm standing in the chapel, wearing my white dress. I have waited for this moment with tears of happiness. Here I leave behind my past by taking a chance."
"I finally found the right man."
She sings lustily, taking few steps at the end of each verse. The groom, who stands at the alter, now better composed than at first, walks toward his bride and takes her hand. He looks straight into his bride's eyes, a sign that he is in love with her, warts and all.
Her performance soon hits its emotional high, and her voice fails as she struggles to hit he right note, but she goes through pluckily. She tells of her childhood without a father. She cries:
"My emotions overload because there is no hand to hold. Here I go."
The chorus once again.
The couple then walk together toward the alter as the bride sings the last part of the song:
"One day our little girl will reach out her hand and she'll know I've found the right man."
The video was uploaded to YouTube by Petite Productions, a wedding videography company in Cincinnati, Ohio, Daily Mail reports.
The company gives little information about the couple or where the wedding took place.
Viewers of the video have expressed various views about the bride's performance skills, after the video chalks up several dislikes. A comment on YouTube says: "What's with all the dislikes? This lady can sing! At least it's a little different from most weddings."
Another comment on YouTube said: "Why so many dislikes? What she did was lovely!"
Comments on Daily Mail are less favorable. "Urgh, dreadful! I cringe!!!! Did she not have a good friend to honestly advice her that this was an immature, cheesy, tacky thing to do? Just toe curlingly awful!"
Another viewer on Daily Mail says: "It looks like half the congregation left!"
The unfavorable reviews on Daily Mail might have been influenced by the article writer's scathing cynicism. He describes the song as "cheesy."
But a fair assessment appears to be that this is a modest but commendable effort by a woman in love.
Happy married life.
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