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article imageRomney says Obama should have served as governor before president

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 17, 2012 in Politics
Weatherly - GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, faulted President Obama's political resume Saturday, saying that the former senator should have served as governor to acquire experience before he became the president of the United States.
According to The New York Times, Romney, during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, as part of his six-state Midwestern tour, had referred to Obama as governor, mistakenly. He began a comment on how Obama does not understand entrepreneurship in the context of free economy. He said: “He upon becoming governor — excuse me, president last time." Then he added "Governor might have been a better job for him to have started with."
Romney, noting the applause that followed his comment, thought it fit to press on with that line of attack on his rival. He continued: “I say that because I actually think you learn from experience. I think it helps to have been in business before you actually start to run something in government. And then after you’ve done something in government, it helps to start perhaps a little lower level before you become president.”
The Hill notes that the Obama campaign has attacked Romney's record as former governor of Massachusetts. According to the Obama campaign, Romney's record on job creation in the state does not recommend him for the job of president.
The Hill reports that Obama campaign recently released ads criticizing Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts. One of the ads said: "It didn't work then. It won't work now."
But Romney's campaign has responded to the criticisms, saying Obama is merely trying to distract voters from the real issues which Romney's campaign believes are Obama''s purportedly failed economic policies.
News Yahoo! reports that Romney has repeatedly tried to emphasize that he is better positioned to understand and talk about economic issues than Obama. Speaking on Saturday in Weatherly, Romney said that having been a private businessman, he understands issues of entrepreneurship in a free market economy better than Obama. He said: "I know the president wants to talk about the economy a little. But he doesn't want to talk about the economy like I want to talk about the economy." Romney criticized Obama, saying that his declaration a week ago that the private sector is doing fine shows that he is out of touch with the economic struggles of average Americans. But he allowed himself to "compliment" the president, saying he is an "eloquent speaker," a statement some interpret in the context of his previous criticism to mean that Obama's "eloquence" hides his ignorance of economic matters.
The Hill reports Romney spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, said: "President Obama has overseen trillion-dollar deficits, soaring national debt and the first credit downgrade in history. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, closed a $3 billion budget shortfall, balanced four budgets, left a $2 billion rainy day fund and received a credit rating upgrade."
Fox News reports that Romney has attempted to refocus the presidential race on economic issues following Obama's sudden announcement Friday that the U.S. will no longer deport young illegal immigrants who came to the country as children. Obama's announcement caught the Romney campaign unprepared and, according to The Boston Globe, forced Romney to soften his hardline stance on the issue.
The Boston Globe reports that in an interview with CBS's Bob Schieffer, Romney alleged that Obama's immigration policy shift was largely political. He said: “If [Obama] really wanted to make a solution that dealt with these kids or illegal immigration in America, than this is something he would have taken up in his first three and a half years, not in his last few months."
The Boston Globe reports that Romney's stop in Weatherly was the first of three planned appearances in small towns in the state of Pennsylvania that Obama won in 2008. According to The Boston Globe, no Republican presidential nominee has won the state since 1988.
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