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article imagePolice officers use taser to subdue nude 80-year-old granny

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 17, 2012 in Odd News
Police confronted an 80-year-old woman in St. George, S.C. She was naked, wielding a stick and quoting scriptures. They tried to calm her and cover her with a blanket, but after she tried to hit them with her stick, they were forced to use a taser on her.
Daily Mail reports the incident happened last month in St. George, Dorchester County, S.C.
According to Daily Mail, neighbors of the 80-year-old woman named Dorris Brown, have complained about police action, saying they needn't have used a taser but "could have done something else."
The Post and Courier reports neighbors who knew the 80-year-old woman said she was "a mild-mannered, God-fearing woman." They said she leaned on a metal cane when she walked and had her heart connected to a pacemaker. Post and Courier reports neighbors said she was angry that her former landlord had allegedly refused to repair roof leaks and she complained of smelly carpets as a result.
According to the The Post and Courier, it was about 12.50 a.m. when a police officer who lived in the neighborhood heard noise from outside and thought it was a burglar who had been breaking into homes recently. But it was Ms Brown causing "commotion" in the house where she was formerly a tenant.
CBS Charlotte reports the old lady was not wearing any clothes. She wielded her metal cane menacingly and looked very agitated. She got into an argument with the landlord over refund of her deposit and broke three windows in a rage, banged her metal cane aggressively on porch railings and spoke "confusingly." The officer and three others tried to calm her down. She claimed she was the Old Testament biblical character Job and quoted scriptures. According to eyewitnesses, she swung her sturdy metal cane around freely. St. George police chief Anthony Britt, said that when an officer tried to "tackle" her she "almost clipped him in the head."
MSN Now reports that while some officers distracted her by trying to talk to her, another approached her from behind and tasered her. Britt said he told another officer "She's in a safe position, just go ahead and tase her so we can prevent anybody from getting hurt."
Daily Mail reports that Ms. Brown continued quoting her Job scriptural verses even after she had been tasered, but the officers managed to wrap a blanket around her and subdue her.
The old lady has since been taken for psychiatric evaluation and her family has reportedly thanked the officers for their intervention.
The police chief has defended his decision to use a taser on the lady, saying: "We did all we could do. We had to take her down before someone got hurt. Post and Courier reports Britt said: “She was rattling off quotes from the Bible, saying she was Job. We were the devil-worshipers."
But according to the police officer who lives in the neighborhood, Ms. Brown was "usually a sweet old lady." Neighbors agreed with the officer's assessment and insisted that the police used more force than was necessary on the old woman.
According to Daily Mail, one of her neighbors Troy Hallman, said: "She’s the sweetest lady in the world. I don't know why they had to shoot her."
Another neighbor Doreather Green, said: "That is bad, that is bad. They could have done something else besides tasing her with that gun."
Neighbors said that on Thursdays and Sunday evenings, she would clutch her Bible and walk to church. According to The Post and Courier, her church pastor said that Brown “was a very, very religious lady.”
CBS Charlotte reports that no charges were filed against her though she damaged property worth $250.
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