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Drake joins fellow-Canadian Justin Bieber as a fighting man

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 16, 2012 in Sports
It is the hockey player in them. Or maybe that 'true north strong and free' line from their country's national anthem. Whatever it is, it's something, as two Canadian pop stars - yes, pop stars, and young ones at that - are in the spotlight for fights.
The two are Drake, the 25-year-old hip-hop artist, actor and TV awards show host, and Justin Bieber, the 18-year-old superstar whose posters are more prevalent on the bedroom walls of teenage girls than drywall.
Drake joined Bieber as a pop pugilist, allegedly, Wednesday, June 13 in a New York City nightclub called W,i.P., in a dispute with singer Chris Brown. The two, who each once went out with Rihanna (it ended worse for Brown, with a 2009 felony battery charge) were not sitting together but barbs were tossed from one table to the other, though it's unclear who in their respective entourages did the tossing.
It does not appear the quarrel was over Rhianna, though initial reports said it was. Somewhere in there a bottle was tossed and here again, initial reports differ from what has since come out in that it now appears Drake did not toss it, but someone in his group, a Meek Mill, did. So...maybe this Canadian isn't a fighter, as TMZ now reports he's not even being sought by police for questioning, which, again, was first reported by media outlets to be the case.
Justin Bieber: definitely a fight...or maybe
The other Canadian scrapper appears to be the more successful at it. In late May in a mall in Calabasas, California, an affluent area near L.A. where he recently bought a $6.5 million home, Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez were trying to drive away after seeing a movie and witnesses reported a photographer, Jose Sarros, 27, blocked their exit.
Bieber got out of the car and a scuffle of some kind ensued and Sarros claims that Bieber hit him, though whether it was a full, wind-up punch is debatable. Sarros went to the hospital and was soon-after released and one report said he wasn't injured at all. Last week the L.A. County police department said yes, they are looking to talk with Bieber, though no charges have been filed. Sarros is reported to be launching a civil suit.
Naturally, the entertainment world is waiting to see what Canadian singer comes along next to channel the hockey player in them and get into a fight. Michael Buble? Bryan Adams? Neil Young? Or maybe Bieber's find - Carly Rae Jepsen.
We'll keep you posted.
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