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article imageVideo: Danny's little girls flash mob proposal for Tina

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 16, 2012 in Internet
Tina, 26, saw a group of little girls staging a flash mob dance at a mall in San Jose, California. She stopped to record. But after her boyfriend Danny, 33, joined the dancers, it dawned on her slowly that the flash mob was performing for her.
Daily Mail reports that Danny drove unsuspecting Tina to the Santana Row mall.The video starts with the two lovers standing outside a Starbucks. Two girls run to the middle of a lawn and start dancing. More dancers join them, dancing to "You Make Me Feel Good." Tina begins filming the dancers on her iPhone.
Daily Mail reports that unknown to Tina, Danny's friends were in the crowd secretly recording the entire event.
The girls pull Danny to join in the dancing and, according to The Huffington Post, Tina realizes that it was her flash mob proposal when "Marry You" begins playing with the girls pointing at her: "Hey Baby, I think I want to marry you. I wanted to do this for the longest time in my life. You've brought me a lot of life and a lot of laughter. I wanna be the same for you. I want you to spend the rest of your entire life with me. Would you marry me?"
ABC News reports Tina said: “I’m obsessed with flash mobs and ‘Glee’ and anything musical. I thought it was just adorable. I started recording them, amazed at how good they were."
She said that when the young dancers pulled her boyfriend to join in the dancing, “I was confused at first. Is it true? Is he proposing? I didn’t want to jump to conclusions."
But she was right, Danny had organized a flash mob proposal for her. Danny said he wanted to use a flash mob for his proposal but he wanted an act that would stand out.
According to ABC News, Danny said: “Me and Tina are very fond of kids. We think they’re adorable. So I figured, what a great way to do this. I can use kids to perform."
Danny said he got the little dancers from a dance studio called Hip Hop Craze. According to Danny, he'd been planning his proposal for three months. He said the most difficult part was finding excuses to sneak away from Tina to practise with the girls. His favorite line was: “Oh, I have to go the bathroom, honey!” But he couldn't keep coming up with that excuse.
But you won't guess from Danny's performance that he hadn't enough time to practise. He told ABC News that the most special song in the flash mob performance was "Cinema" by Benny Benassi. He said: “That was the song Tina dedicated to me when she first heard it. I told the girls they don’t need to dance during this one. They just need to look cute. Bob their heads, listen to the song, and just look at her like she’s in a movie."
Other songs in the flash mob performance were "You Make Me Feel Good" by Cobra Starship. But The Huffington Post advises, don't start reaching for the tissues till "Marry You" by Bruno Mars.
Danny said he got the scare of his life when it was time to present the ring. He opened the box and the ring was missing! Danny said: “Wow, you don’t understand. My whole life just flat-lined. My heart stopped. I felt my stomach go up in my throat, it was so horrible. The only thing going through my head was oh my God, I’m so screwed."
But he was lucky. He said: “I dug so deep into those pockets. I found something round and just pulled it out, and then the relief was just incredible. I needed to catch some air. My heart was beating so hard. I was speechless."
And Tina said Yes.
The Huffington Post reports that the video was first posted to YouTube on June 9.
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