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article imageOp-Ed: Man sues Bristol Palin after calling her mother a whore

By Larry Clifton     Jun 14, 2012 in Politics
Los Angeles - Ever notice how those on the left, the political left, would have you believe they are kinder, smarter and more tolerant of differing ideologies and cultures than more conservative-minded folks?
They, according to politically-correct notions often marketed by “mainstream media,” are kind-hearts who believe in diversity and practice sensitivity, especially toward women.
However, the militant political left, as a group, are no more kind than the militant right - less so if the attached video is any example.
“Did you ride Levi like that? Your mother is a whore,” shouted Stephen Hanks, a white male who verbally assaulted Bristol Palin who was enjoying a night out at the Saddle Ranch restaurant in West Hollywood. The heckler, who was riding a barstool at the lounge, attacked Palin for no apparent reason whatsoever as she finished riding a mechanical bull in the ranch-themed facility.
After Palin was thrown from the bull, the daughter of Sarah Palin, the woman arguably most hated by the left, walked right up to the obnoxious man and confronted him, asking the angry stranger why he had called her mother a “whore.”
Hanks’ only answer was that he did so because he is a homosexual. Throughout the confrontation that Hanks initiated with his vulgar, highly personalized attack on Palin, he tried to shout her down using mindless insults one might expect of a fifth-grade bully. But Palin did not submit to the wailing lounge lizard.
At one point Hanks seemed ready to punch her, but cameras were rolling, which may be the only reason he didn’t.
Now, Hanks, who apologized later for his mean-spirited display of social ignorance, is suing Palin for his own unprovoked verbal assault against her. You can bet the man will find a politically like-minded judge to allow the frivolous case to go forward.
Is this how the militant left think? We can attack conservative women for no reason at all and get paid for it? The media too often seems to condone such societal bigotry and animosity when committed against conservative or Republican women. Conservative men understand the phenomenon, having been political targets of the media for decades. Considering more than half the people in the country say they hold somewhat conservative political and social views and vote accordingly, the mainstream media must change the way it views conservatives, or continue facing declining revenues.
The narrow view of the left and the acceptance of social bullies from that political ideology is a troubling double standard born of the same ignorance that kept women from voting for about a hundred and fifty years.
While they can’t verbally swat all the leftist barflies in America, it’s the year for conservative women to unite and use the electoral process to thin the herd of left-wing dinosaurs dragging their knuckles through Congress and the White House.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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