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article imageHomeless Texan man finds $70,000 in gold

By Melissa Horrocks     Jun 14, 2012 in Lifestyle
Colorado City - This is a story I had to cover. It's the kind of story that only comes along once, or twice in a lifetime. One that warms your heart and makes you smile. It's the story of a man named Timothy Yost and how he found $70,000 near the Colorado River.
According to NY Daily News, Timothy Yost was homeless and down on his luck. He was used to living on the streets, even though the streets are no place to live. Yost definitely never contemplated finding a way out of his situation, he had admitted that this was his lot in life. A lonely life on the streets and no money to survive. However, by a stroke of divine intervention, he is finally getting his payday.
Strolling along the Colorado River in Bastrop, Texas, Yost discovered a bag. When nobody was looking, he took a look inside. He certainly did not imagine in a million years, that he would find treasure to the value of over $70,000. Looking in the bag, Yost was amazed by the gold coins smiling back at him. At the age of 46, Yost did not have any chance of employment as his life had taken an unexpected turn. However, this unexpected find would change his life forever.
Aleta Peacock, Yost's attorney, spoke about his joy on Tuesday saying, “It is a great day for Bastrop; it is a great day for Mr. Yost,”
The council has unanimously decided that Yost can keep the money. In an act of finders, keepers. Yost did not know whether he was allowed to keep the money until Thursday since he remained jailed on public intoxication charges from May 29th.
The discovery of so much money will turn his life around. In fact, Yost spoke to Fox affiliate KTBC in Austin saying how much it means to him. Yost can now plan a future and improve his life.
It was just an ordinary day on Jan. 18, when Yost was washing his feet in Fisherman's Park river. However, this soon changed when he saw a bag, picked it up, kicked it and heard something jangling inside. Once he had discovered some wet money inside, he took it to the First National Bank branch to exchange it for dry currency, The Statesman reported. It was at this stage, that the police were called in.
They intercepted Yost and took the bag to check if it was linked with any drug offences or other criminal activity. The bag contained 70 $100 bills and 40 gold coins known as the Krugerrand, first minted in South Africa and worth about $1,600 each, according to reports.
Once the money had been checked, police put a notice in the newspaper for anyone to come forward in connection with the money. According to Bastrop Police Chief Michael Blake someone did come forward.
Bastrop Police Chief Michael Blake said, “We’ve actually had one person who said it was his money but has yet rescinded that and signed a statement saying he does not wish to pursue claim to those funds any longer,” Blake told KENS 5-TV in San Antonio.
Because the man did not want to claim his money and a 90 day claim window had passed, the City Council had to get involved. They decided that because Yost - first discovered the bag - he could keep it and all of the contents inside.
Yost was asked what he wanted to do with his sudden windfall and he replied, “I’ve been walking for so long, first thing I want is a vehicle.”
This just goes to show that dreams do come true. They certainly came true for Yost who will never view life in the same way again. It would be interesting to do a follow up of Yost in a year's time to see what he has done with the money.
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