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article imageVideo shows daredevil Romanian gang robbing truck in motion

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 14, 2012 in Crime
Bucharest - Police from the Romanian Department for Organized Crime (DIICOT) recently released footage showing a daredevil gang of Romanian thieves breaking into the back of a truck speeding along a motorway at night.
The video shows the gang's movie-style antics. The driver approaches the fast moving truck within inches in the dark. He is careful to position his car so that the truck driver would be unable to see it on his mirrors. Two members of the gang climb through the car's sunroof. One of them positions himself gingerly on the car bonnet, while his companion steadies him by holding on to his legs. The thief on the bonnet then proceeds to force open the truck's backdoor using specialist tools the police say they recovered, Daily Mail reports.
According to Arbroath, after the man opens the door he looks and decides not to help himself to the lorry's content. BoingBoing speculates the truck was either empty or was not carrying merchandize of the type they are interested in. The men climb back into their car and move away from the speeding truck.
DIICOT says the gang of thieves are specialists in this method of robbery and have conducted several successful robberies between March and May this year.
Arbroath reports that police captured the gang members after 20 house searches in the counties of Ilov, Alba and Hunedora in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest. According to the police, the gang members steal television sets, cigarettes and coffee from trucks which they sell at the Obor market in Bucharest.
Daily Mail reports that officers from Romania's Department of Organized Crime filmed the daring robbery attempt from a hovering helicopter.
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