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article imageSantiago-Chile in CNN International’s list of most-loved cities Special

By Igor I. Solar     Jun 13, 2012 in Travel
Santiago - Travel website CNNGo named Santiago de Chile among the top ten most captivating cities in the world; the South American capital ranks third, after Tokyo and Shanghai.
CNN International’s travel website CNNGo recently published a ranking of the world’s most-loved cities. The top three spots are occupied by Tokyo, Japan, followed by Shanghai, China, and Santiago, Chile. Other cities in the top-10 list are San Francisco (4) and New York City (7) in the United States, Petra, Jordan (5), Paris, France (6), Montreal, Canada (8), Cape Town, South Africa (9) and Barcelona, Spain (10).
 Plaza de la Ciudadanía  (Citizenry Square) in front of  La Moneda   Chile s Presidential Palace in...
"Plaza de la Ciudadanía" (Citizenry Square) in front of "La Moneda", Chile's Presidential Palace in Santiago.
 Paseo Ahumada   the main pedestrian mall in downtown Santiago.
"Paseo Ahumada", the main pedestrian mall in downtown Santiago.
Referring to the Chilean capital as one of the world’s top travel destinations, CNNGo points to some of the less positive features of the city, such as earthquakes and air pollution, and also mentions those aspects that make Santiago a great travel destination:
There are bigger Carnivals and Tango festivals on the other side of the Andes, but would Buenos Aires or Rio look nearly this poised after being rocked 28 centimeters to the left by an 8.8 earthquake?
Santiago may have smog, sprawl and an epidemic of noisy diesel engines, but what sequestered megalopolis on an economic rebound in an otherwise picturesque valley lined with mountains doesn’t?
More importantly, here is South America’s version of every fine North American left coast city -- except with nicer weather (than Vancouver), happier music (than Seattle), sexier cafés (than Portland), better bar hours and caipirinha prices (than L.A.) and cooler-looking people in gray suits and shades (than San Francisco).
No surprise then that The New York Times ranked Santiago “numero uno” on last year’s “41 Places To Go” list.
Statue to the aboriginal peoples in Santiago s main Square (Plaza de Armas).
Statue to the aboriginal peoples in Santiago's main Square (Plaza de Armas).
The Cathedral of Santiago de Chile and colonial buildings surrounding the Central Square in Santiago...
The Cathedral of Santiago de Chile and colonial buildings surrounding the Central Square in Santiago.
Chile’s Economy Minister, Pablo Longueira, is happy with Santiago being considered as one of the most recommended cities in the world.
“As a government - in conjunction with the private sector - we have made a significant promotional effort in commercial channels, travel fairs and events and the public, in the markets we have identified as priorities which are Argentina, Brazil, USA, Spain, the UK, France and Germany, among others,” said Longueira, according to La Tercera (in Spanish).
"During 2011 approximately 3 million international tourists came to Chile and 1,400,000 of them visited Santiago. Hence, the importance of this recognition by CNN International." said Undersecretary of Tourism Jacqueline Plass, reports
 La Alameda   the main thoroughfare in the Chilean capital  narrows in some areas to allow preservat...
"La Alameda", the main thoroughfare in the Chilean capital, narrows in some areas to allow preservation of historic buildings such as St. Francis Colonial Church.
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