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article imageOp-Ed: Canadian environmental destruction under C-38 to mine Uranium

By Mindy Allan     Jun 13, 2012 in Environment
New uranium mining projects in the Northwest Territories & Nunavut threaten the people, and environment. Canada mines gold, silver, and home to the world's third largest producer of diamonds.
Even though a majority of Inuit's have said no to this new mining production continues, and the rush to put C-38 into law so that the elders will lose any say as to what happens on their land, or in their villages.
The destruction of Canada's Northwest Territories & Nunavut has begun with the government turning its back on the people to allow mining companies from around the world to decimate the land, and its people
Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation will operate the Mary River Project which is one of the largest mining developments currently planned in Canada, and by far the most significant development ever planned above the Arctic Circle.
Baffinland Iron Mines Corporation is owned 70% by ArcelorMittal and 30% by Iron Ore Holdings LP,
The creation of Baffinland Iron Mines Corp seems to be for the purpose of going into yet another country and stripping it of its natural resources. Tom Paddon President & Chief Executive Officer for Baffinland was Manager of Aboriginal Affairs & Labrador Human Resources until 2007 when he became General Manager. Mr. Paddon played a pivotal role in negotiating the Impacts and Benefits Agreements with Innu Nation and the Nunatsiavut Government.
Each officer working at Baffinland was hired because of their expertise, and knowledge of the Canadian government, laws, and how to get around any problem that might arise such as the people that do not want the project to continue.
The destruction of the culture has already begun as alcohol and drugs come into communities where it once was nonexistent, along with the sky high food prices that any Canadian, or American would be up in arms screaming about, if they had to pay what the Inuit do.
It is visible by the community centers and the price of food, that these mining corporations are there to take, and not to give back anything good. Protests have begun as people have already seen the damage that uranium mining is doing to the environment and don't want anymore.
People of Canada, and around the world need to speak up for these people, as you would want them to speak up for you. Virgin land wildlife habitats of the walrus and caribou will be destroyed.
Do you care?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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