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article imageSummer driving: Hey there - Let’s wrap it up and move along

By Kyle Busch     Jun 12, 2012 in Technology
This article reports on an inexpensive and easy way to protect your vehicle from stone chips and bugs during the summer driving season.
In some instances, when someone says, “Hey there - Let’s wrap it up and move along,” the interaction is considered to be a bit hostile. This article has nothing to do with being antagonistic but rather it is intended to be helpful!
Actually, its focus is on if you are driving your vehicle on the Interstate or even a two line highway for many miles. Gravel, stone chips and bugs are almost a fact of automotive life, but what can you do about them, especially with summer driving fast approaching?
What I am about to suggest might seem a bit wild but hear or rather, read me out!
You have probably watched car races on TV. The car is at a pit stop and rather than trying to clean the windshield, the pit crew simply peels off a thin clear (until it is full of bugs, exhaust and other debris) film. It is quick and effective way to get a clear windshield.
Now back to your vehicle. One option to help protect your vehicle from stone chips and bugs would be for you to purchase a vehicle bra (LeBra). They can cost from about $80.00 to several hundred dollars. However, in addition to the cost, you would need to put it on and take it off your vehicle. Some drivers simply just keep it on their vehicle. However, if your vehicle catches major sun there is a chance that the paint could fade everywhere except for under the protective cover. Thus, the look of two different paint shades could almost be as bad as stone chips.
Now for the let’s wrap it up and move along part. Have you ever used thin clear Saran Wrap to cover food or the dishes? It forms and sticks very well without tape or other adhesives. And if a piece should double over on itself, forget it, it’s time for a new piece altogether!
In addition to giving the stone chip area a good wax, several pieces of Saran Wrap can be placed below the hood and over the bumper. You know from experience that the wrap will stick to where it is placed. However, scotch tape can be used to further secure the clear covering.
Since air flow is important, the wrap should not be placed over the grille or air intake openings but rather up to the edges of such openings. Small pieces of the wrap can be even placed over the headlights and turn signals. However, it should not be used when you are using the headlights.
The wrap can quickly be removed with all the bugs etc. Now, you might be thinking if that thin clear film will really help protect your vehicle? You could be surprised how much it will protect or significantly cut down on the gravel damage to you vehicle.
Best of all, the wrap is inexpensive, light weight and easy to take with you as are scissors and clear tape. And one last tip. The Saran Wrap that is slightly more expensive is likely to be a bit thicker and more durable.
So, with the summer driving season coming on, consider wrapping it up and moving along!
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