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article imageOp-Ed: Vitamin C becoming a dominant force in the cure for cancer

By Mindy Allan     Jun 11, 2012 in Health
Vitamin C is changing the lives of sick people around the world. Vitamin C supplementation has a protective influence on common colds, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers.
Vitamin C is the newest hope for patients suffering from various types of ailments. After 29 years of administering high dose vitamin C to people with cancer and viral ailments, Dr. Hugh D. Riordan shares how nutrients affect gene expression.
In the Waikato Region in northern New Zealand farmer Allen Smith developed flu-like symptoms while on holiday in Fiji. He decided to tough it out, and when he returned home it was discovered that he had the swine flu. At the hospital it was also discovered that Smith had leukemia, and was sent to Auckland Hospital the largest hospital in New Zealand
Allen Smith continued to deteriorate, despite the use of Tamiflu and antibiotics. Out of desperation Smith's brother-in-law, who had known a little about vitamin C being used on patients, contacted Dr. Thomas Levy in the U.S., who referred him to John Appleton.
With new information the family pushed to have vitamin C in Smith's IV. Not only does Smith's story help to bring clear evidence of the effects of vitamin C, but also on alternative treatment for cancer. Truly an amazing story that will touch every emotion you have.
There is always hope even when doctors say there isn't. Never stop believing and never give up hope that miracles can happen.
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