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article imagePhoenix woman rescued from Phoenix tree by Phoenix firefighters

By Larry Clifton     Jun 10, 2012 in Odd News
Phoenix - Thursday, an Arizona woman who allegedly ate a few too many of the wrong kind of mushrooms, was videoed hanging from an upper limb of a tree about 40 feet above the ground.
It took Phoenix firefighters about two hours to coax the woman - who appeared to be in her 30s and had threatened to jump - down from the Phoenix tree near Peoria and 15th Ave.
The original call to authorities reported a child was stuck high up in a tree, but when firefighters arrived they found a grown woman peering down at them through dense leafage.
Firefighters thought she was troubled and grew more concerned after she told them she had consumed “mushrooms” and would jump if they got too close.
"You guys I'm fine. I'm not... I just wanted to climb a tree," the woman assured gathering camera-toting media and head-scratching rescue workers.
However, even while clinging from 40 feet the apparently disorientated woman flirted with an unnamed television reporter.
“Hey, who is that news guy on Channel 15? The cute one?” she yelled from her perch at one point.
Eventually, the high-flying climber returned to earth where she was handcuffed until police could determine if she was a danger to herself since she told them she was “high on mushrooms.”
"Hey news people, I don't know what I'm being arrested for. Why do they have handcuffs on me?" she yelled.
The woman was taken to the hospital but was not arrested. There was no information available as to which newsman she was referred to as the “cute one,” which likely led to talk around the water coolers at local television stations.
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