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Teacher resigns after students' gay sex video complaint

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 9, 2012 in Lifestyle
A class of ninth graders accused their teacher of keeping a YouTube video titled "Gay Threesome Sex" on school-issued computer. The title of the gay sex video accidentally appeared on the projector during a lesson in class.
Daily Mail reports that the teacher, Jose Rosario-Gonzales, 53, resigned from T. Dewitt Taylor Middle-High School in Volusia County, Florida on Tuesday, to avoid being fired. School officials say that a parent of one of the ninth graders complained to the school authorities that while the social studies teacher was scrolling through videos on his computer connected to the projector, the students saw that one of the titles of the videos on his computer was "Gay Threesome Sex."
According to WKMG, several students in written reports said they saw the sex video title.
According to one of the students, while Mr. Rosario was on YouTube, he scrolled through videos on his computer. They were all history videos except for one. That video was titled "Gay Threesome Sex." The student said that the whole class said "awww" when they saw the video title and wondered "What is that doing on there?" but the teacher "just kept scrolling and didn't say anything."
According to Journal Online, the investigative report said Rosario-Gonzalez did not deny using the computer issued by the school to access "inappropriate, pornographic materials." He "stated he did this on his own time, in the privacy of his home and it was never his intention to show students."
Daily Mail reports that the teacher was informed on May 25 that if the allegations were substantiated he would be recommended for termination. He was put on three days unpaid leave while school authorities investigated. The school authorities said they found several pornographic homosexual videos on Rosario-Gonzalez's computer.
The teacher, who had taught for 12 years, chose to resign to avoid being fired.
Journal Online reports that the teacher had allegedly been reprimanded in the past after he directed students to view class notes and tests on a blog the school disapproved of. The school authorities told him to stop directing his students to the blog after some parents complained that the some of the postings on the blog had explicit sexual content and profanities.
He had also been reprimanded three other times in his career for allegedly making inappropriate comments to students, "straying from curriculum guidelines and cutting students' time short on a state test."
WKMG reports that school documents showed that Rosario-Gonzales received an overall "satisfactory" evaluation in 2009 and 2010. But his evaluation for 2011 was not revealed for "confidential reasons."
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