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article imageOp-Ed: 'Racism' in Israel

By Alexander Baron     Jun 9, 2012 in Politics
Former Auschwitz inmate Zigi Shipper has just lectured the England football team on the evils of racial bigotry. Perhaps his next appointment should be with the Israeli Government?
Zigi Shipper's meeting with the England football team was reported in the Jewish Chronicle by Jessica Elgot, the same journalist who alluded to Rabbi Ahron Cohen as Mr Aharon Cohen later in the week, but as she appears to have received her information from Gerry Gable, she is probably gullible rather than mendacious.
At the end of his speech, Mr Shipper told the footballers they were important people, which is true insofar as they have a following among especially the young, but politicians are more important because they have real power, and there is a group of them Mr Shipper should be lecturing far more intensely than the England football team.
Imagine if an American politician, especially a white one, were to stand up in public and announce that “Anyone that penetrates [our] border should be shot”. Even worse, imagine the reaction if David Cameron were to stand up in Parliament and announce that Britain's “national identity was at risk from the flood of 'illegal infiltrators'.”
And perish the thought if any politician anywhere were to stand up and announce that “Aids-infected migrants were raping [our] women, and all, 'without exception', should be locked up pending deportation. They do not believe 'this country belongs to us, to the white man'”.
This sort of rhetoric is unimaginable in the West - and would probably end up with the speaker behind bars. Witness the unfortunate - or perhaps emotionally disturbed - Jacqueline Woodhouse.
So where is this sort of language being used against immigrants: Poland, Ukraine, Mother Russia? Try Israel. Earlier this week, the Guardian reported attacks on immigrants in Israel, and perhaps even more disturbing, that politicians have been in effect shouting fire in a crowded theatre. These attacks and even more the politicians' response to them has provoked a mixed reaction.
While apparently he has no qualms about the Israeli Government murdering either the besieged inhabitants of Gaza or the members of a peaceful flotilla, Abraham Foxman found this sort of lawlessness and bigotry unacceptable:
“While we recognise the complexity involved in addressing this issue… we are disturbed by inflammatory statements made by certain Israeli officials, some of which has veered into racism.”
David Duke has waxed lyrical about the problem in a podcast of June 7, and on the World Zionist Conspiracy, of course. His view is that Israel is being hoist by its own petard. It is not known what Harold Covington thinks about the claim that Israel belongs to the white man.
Another person who can expect a less than warm welcome in Israel is Mark Zuckerberg. After his marriage last month to Chinese-American Priscilla Chan, Benzi Gopstein, head of the anti-assimilationist Lehava Organization wrote him a strongly worded open letter warning that by marrying out he has made common cause with the Nazis.
Mr Gopstein's words show that the spirit of Auschwitz is indeed alive and well, including in the most unlikely places.
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