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article imagePolice arrest professor who moonlighted as transsexual prostitute

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 9, 2012 in Lifestyle
A distinguished University of Georgia (UGA) professor was arrested and charged with prostitution after he allegedly offered "services" to an undercover officer while he dressed as a woman. Police say he offered 30 minutes of "service" for just $60.
Professor Max Reinhart, 65, was arrested on Thursday in Gwinnet County, Atlanta, on charges of "prostitution and keeping a house of prostitution."
The Atlantic Journal Constitution reports that Gwinnet County police found an ad for "Sasha" in the transexual services section of a website that had come under police surveillance over allegations that it is used for trafficking underage girls for prostitution. Daily Mail reports that police spokesman Cpl Jake Smith, said that an arrangement involving an undercover investigator was made to meet "Sasha.". The police agent arrested "Sasha" after negotiating a fee for "services" in a motel room.
The Atlantic Journal Constitution (AJC) reports that after Reinhart was arrested, he was booked into the Gwinnet Detention Center just after 12:20 p.m. Thursday and released around 9:15 p.m. on $4,800 bail.
AJC reports it was unclear on Friday how the arrest would affect Reinhart's teaching position. UGA spokesman Tom Jackson said that any university employee who is arrested is required to report his arrest to the school's Office of Legal Affairs. Jackson said: "The office reviews the case and recommends any of a full range of actions. We will take the appropriate action."
The professor told WSBTV at his Athens home, "This charge is not exactly what it appears, OK. I can only say that. I'm embarrassed. I'm feeling very stupid."
He also said: "I am deeply remorseful for anything I may have done to bring any kind of doubt to the integrity of the university and myself... I'm not putting anybody to blame except myself, simply for being there."
It seems unlikely that at a fee of $60 for 30 minutes "service," Reinhart's action was motivated by considerations of financial gain. AJC reports that his salary is $87,224 per year. The University completed its May term last week. Reinhart earned an additional $8,000 and he was not scheduled to teach again before fall, AJC reports.
The Huffington Post reports that he serves as the A.G. Steer Professor in Goethe Studies in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies .According to Daily Mail, he teaches German literature and history and specializes in the work of the 18th century German writer, poet and artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He researches primarily on early modern Germany. He founded The Conference Group for Interdisciplinary Early Modern German Studies.
The Huffiington Post reports he recently published a paper entitled "The Poetry of Islam in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Empathy — Imagination — Understanding." He is also listed as the co-organizer of an international conference called "Reparative Reasoning: Bridging the East/West Divide in the Philosophy and Poetry of Muhammad Iqbal" to be held in October at UGA.
According to The Huffington Post, Reinhart is not the only professor to be arrested recently. A Wheaton College professor Donald Ratcliff, who taught Christian education and child spirituality, was arrested in March for allegedly possessing child pornography and two unlicensed handguns. The professor was charged with two counts of Aggravated Child Pornography.
Also Mey Akashah, an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health, was arrested in Bermuda for allegedly trying to smuggle six grams of marijuana in her underwear. She was discovered at the airport by drug-sniffing dogs.The Huffington Post reports that Akashah pleaded guilty to the crime.
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