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Lindsay Lohan: the Charlie Sheen that never goes away

By Marcus Hondro     Jun 8, 2012 in Entertainment
Lindsay Lohan continues to get her name in the news and it is almost always for the wrong reasons. This time it's a car accident - perhaps more aptly called a 'car mistake' - and it occurred outside of Santa Monica, California.
No one appears to have been seriously hurt when Lohan's black Porsche rear-ended a dump truck. "A preliminary investigation reveals that both vehicles were driving northbound on Pacific Coast Highway when the Porsche struck the rear end of the dump truck," Santa Monica police said in a statement. "Cause of the accident is under investigation."
Lindsay Lohan; Another low
Given Lohan's Porsche was the vehicle that did the ramming it leads one to suspect that the fault may have been with the driver of the Porsche (it appears it was her). Further, the driver of the rig told TMZ she had assistants show up who tried to help her flee and to bribe him not to reveal she was involved (he didn't know who she was anyway). So the list of misdemeanors, and more serious offenses, that Lohan has been a part of continue to mount.
Unlike Charlie Sheen, another celebrity disaster-in-waiting, Lohan does not seem to take a break from the negative limelight. Whether it's stealing a bracelet, breaking her probation (multiple times), causing problems for those around her on the set of TV shows or being photographed shooting heroin, Lohan is consistent in that she courts infamy on a regular basis.
The star of 'Parent Trap', 'Mean Girls' and 'Bobby' - she's a very good actor - recently said she'd learned from past mistakes, but this incident suggests she hasn't learned enough. In her favor this time police said alcohol doesn't appear to have been involved in the car accident.
Or car mistake.
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