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article imageVideo: Bunny outwits kitten in epic play fight

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 8, 2012 in Internet
The video shows what has been described as the cutest battle ever. Watch a bunny and kitten in an epic mock battle in which the bunny, incredibly, outsmarts a much more agile kitten.
The mock battle begins with the kitten apparently annoying the bunny with boisterous playful gestures. But soon the two are embroiled in a play fight, tumbling, jumping and rolling over each other. The cat is agile, but the speed of the bunny is simply amazing.
The two animals grapple energetically with the bunny executing bursts of lightning speed attacks.The fight looks in favor of the kitten at first, but soon the bunny shows his true mettle and appears to gain the upper hand. It traps the kitten under the couch, and it seems that the kitten, peeking meekly from under the couch, raises up its hands in surrender.
The video uploaded to YouTube by a Russian user has received several thousand views.
MSN rightly comments, "who knew kittens and bunnies got along so well?"
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