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article imageMan arrested after daughter accused him of murder on live TV

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 8, 2012 in Crime
Chennai - A girl who appeared with her parents on a live TV show in Chennai, India shocked the host and viewers when she said that her father had murdered three people. Police arrested the man after three dead bodies were found buried in the backyard of his home.
The 16-year-old girl, identified as Bhargavi, was invited to the talk show to meet her parents after she eloped with her 21-year-old boyfriend a month ago. During the show, she launched into a bizarre story of how her father poisoned three people in a dispute over jewellery.
According to Daily Mail, the girl made the admission while explaining why she was afraid to return to her parents after her elopement and marriage. After the show, the man identified as A. Murugan, went into hiding. He reportedly told his wife before he left that she would never see him again alive.
Times of India reports that police declared Murugan, a 42-year-old sofa maker, wanted for questioning over the murder of his neighbor, his neighbor's daughter and her boyfriend.
Bhargavi's father Murugan and mother Rajeswari, live in Nallanpillal Petral village, in southern India. Before the girl made the confession on live TV, she and her parents were arguing over her elopement and the show host had attempted calming everyone down. When the show host tried to settle the dispute by suggesting they should go home together and settle the dispute, the girl was forced to open up. She told the host Nirmala Periyasamy, that she could not return home with her father because she was terrified that he would murder her and her husband just as he allegedly murdered three other persons.
The host, recalling the discussion, said: "The girl was constantly telling us that she was afraid of her father, as he may murder her and her husband. When I repeatedly questioned her, the girl broke down and told us that her father had murdered three persons in their house in 2008." Murugan's wife Rajeswari allegedly backed up her daughter's claim on live TV.
Daily Mail reports that the reality show called Solvathellam Unmai, aired on the Zee Tamil channel, ended in confusion with the parents and the girl arguing fiercely. Murugan and his wife then left to return to their village.
Murugan was furious with his wife for backing their daughter when she made the allegation on live TV, Daily Mail reports. A police officer said that Murugan "abused his wife on the bus going back to their village." Then he got off the bus before it reached their village and told his wife that she would never see him alive again.
According to Emirates247, after Murugan and his wife left, the television channel called the police and asked them to verify the information. Police officers were dispatched to the village and it was discovered that three people went missing four years ago. With the help of their landlady, who watched the program on Zee TV, the police dug up three skeletons from the backyard.
According to Times of India, police say they found Murugan hiding in a friend's house in a village in Villupuram district. The police team posed as members of a TV crew. They approached Murugan through a friend and offered him a chance to appear on a program and defend himself.
Times of India reports that the police arrested Murugan who confessed to murder during interrogation. His daughter Bhargavi, his wife Rajeswari, his brother A. Mathiarasu and some other relatives were also questioned in connection with the murder of A. Sekar, his daughter Lavanya, and her boyfriend Silambarasan.
A police officer said: "We suspect that Murugan may not have acted alone. Some members of his family could have aided him in the crime."
Lavanya and her boyfriend Silambarasan reportedly eloped in 2008 and sought refuge in Murugan's house in Nallanpillai Petral village in Villupuram district. Times of India reports that a police officer said: "Murugan was a friend of Lavanya's father Sekar. After Lavanya gave Murugan her gold jewellery for safekeeping, he decided to kill the young couple and take the gold."
Police say Murugan got Silambarasan drunk on liquor and then served him and his wife poisoned food. He buried the bodies in his backyard. When Lavanya's father Sekar, came to the house in search of his daughter, Murugan poisoned him also and buried him in his backyard.
Emirates247 reports the bodies were buried near a well in the courtyard of Murugan's house. Police found the remains of a man, a young woman and a young man.
According to Deputy Police Superintendent Gopal Sekar, Murugan "decided to eliminate them and keep the gold. So he gave them food laced with poison and then buried them in his backyard. We would never have known about these murders if the girl had not spoken about them on the TV show."
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