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article imageOp-Ed: People don't need benefits, they need the Bible

By Melissa Horrocks     Jun 7, 2012 in World
David Barton thinks that people would not need government benefits if they read the Bible. Barton's controversial views were spoken about on Wallbuilders Live.
According to Huff Post, David Barton announced his new theory yesterday on Wallbuilders Live. He said that individuals who are on welfare are only on it because they don't read the Bible enough.
Barton suggested that it would be interesting to do a study of people who are on welfare and see how often they read the Bible.
Barton carried on saying that if Booker T. Washington is right, that studying the Bible improves a person's desire to work hard, then we need to take that as an axiom. Barton carried on to say that he could go a lot of places with this. He said that he wants it tested in a sociological study.
Barton announced his thoughts about the poor on the same show where he claimed that Liberty University Law School is one of the best in the nation. Liberty University Law School is currently unranked in the U.S News and World Report's top 150 "best law schools."
I am a Christian and get government benefits for my son who has global learning delay. I also have mental health problems which means that I cannot work. I am very disturbed to hear someone in the Christian world making such judgemental remarks. I would like to say, that Barton's beliefs do not echo what the rest of the Christian world believes.
Reading the Bible allows someone to get closer to God and is beneficial, but there are many reasons why someone cannot work.
Barton is stereotyping all people who are on government benefits and saying they would not be on them if they read the Bible more. What about people who are physically or mentally unwell? What about these people? It's not right to put everyone in a box like this.
Not everyone can read or even listen to the Bible. Some people have problems concentrating. Others have never learned to read. There are many reasons why people may not be able to read the Bible. Some people are just too busy with their families. Some individuals enjoy spending time with God, but not reading the Bible. However, they listen to the Bible when they go to Church, or listen to an online sermon. God does not judge people for being on benefits, if their circumstances prevent them from working. If someone deliberately does not want to work and stay on benefits, then that is a different matter. It is the motives of a person that count.
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