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article imageRobber gets spanked on buttocks with closed fist

By Larry Clifton     Jun 7, 2012 in Crime
Gatineau - Two armed masked robbers who thought they would take a day’s earnings away from Zhen Yang while he was closing his convenience store in Gatineau, Que., were repelled by bear spray and one got his butt pounded, Tuesday.
It was around 10:30 p.m. and Yang was about to lock up and join his family in their upstairs apartment when the two masked men walked up to the counter where both pulled knives and demanded cash, according to a Sun News report.
At first, Yang thought the men were joking, but when he saw the blades he knew his life was in danger.
"Nobody takes out a knife to make a joke," he said. "At that point, I got a little bit scared," said Yang using broken English.
Click this link for raw video showing bare-bottom spanking: this link.
On security footage obtained by QMI Agency, Yang seems calm and in control as the men point at the register with their knives. The crooks quickly become agitated as Yang stalls and one crawls over the counter.
In the video, Yang can be seen searching behind him for anything he can use as a defensive weapon.
Suddenly Yang remembered he had stowed a can of bear spray on a shelf years before. Yang is pictured grabbing the gnarly chemical and using it to douse the thieves’ faces with the caustic spray. He said his own skin still burns from the mixture which hung heavy in the air.
One thief fled the scene but Yang managed to grab the other. The video shows the second thief, after being sprayed point blank in the eyes, struggling to get back across the counter to escape. But Yang has hold of his britches, creating just the perfect target for spanking.
"I need to find something to defend myself, I cannot use my pencil, right?" he told a reporter later.
By this time, Yang’s wife and a friend arrive after hearing the commotion on an audio monitor set up in the apartment above. His wife Bi Liang begins kicking the now upside down robber in the face while Yang holds him with one hand and beats on his bare buttocks with his other fist.
Police identified the escaped suspect by interrogating the one detained by the couple and their friend. Both men were arrested for robbery, wearing a disguise and possession of a concealed weapon.
"I hate all robbers," said Bi Lang. "We did the right thing. You come in first to rob my store then to kill my husband, I try to protect myself and my family."
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