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article imageOp-Ed: The Bilder Burger is no joke

By Alexander Baron     Jun 6, 2012 in Politics
A Bilderberg watcher has produced a cartoon depicting the global schemers as a fast food. Sadly, the real thing is nothing to laugh about.
The problem with understanding conspiracies - global or otherwise - is knowing what to accept and what to reject. On the one hand there are the total cranks and people who have not the faintest idea how to interpret evidence; on the other hand there are those smear merchants who see no evil at all, except in the people who see the evil.
A good, or rather a particularly venal example of this latter is the academic who recently published a smear article on A.K. Chesterton, one of the first men to expose the global elite. An extreme example of the former is David Icke; among other things, he and his fellow Grand Conspiracy cranks confuse cause and effect. The Oklahoma bombing and the 9/11 atrocities have certainly been exploited to increase state surveillance and police powers in the US and elsewhere, but the claim that they were engineered for that purpose is frankly ludicrous.
Let's stick with what we know and what we can prove with a reasonable degree of certainty. In her cartoon, above, Melissa Melton has summed up what we can expect, but how did we get there?
The conspiratorial bureaucracy can be traced back to at least the inception of the Council on Foreign Relations, the organisation Dan Smoot alluded to as The Invisible Government. Some 35 years later, this was augmented by the Bilderberg Group. These organisations are staffed and attended by some of the biggest names in politics, finance and business, yet until the emergence of a truly independent media, they received little or no publicity.
When businessmen meet and to some extent bankers, there may not be any real public interest, but when they are joined by our elected representatives, including not mere MPs and Congressmen but the most powerful politicians in the world, then clearly there is the question of accountability.
One of the things the Bilderberg Group and its off-shoot the Trilateral Commission are concerned with is free trade. We should not fall into the trap of condemning everything the globalists are pushing for. Genuine free trade benefits us all, but a de facto unelected world government is a different matter entirely. World government is one of those perverted ideals that has taken in a lot of otherwise highly intelligent people over the years.
The big selling point for world government is of course peace, an end to war, both national and regional conflicts. This can only be brought about if the whole world is controlled by one centralised entity. It is this that has led to what Chesterton called the assault on patriotism in his book The New Unhappy Lords. This assault has been primarily against the Western (ie white nations), but for some time we have seen interference in the Islamic nations, most notably Iraq. While the attempts to kick the sheeple into line in the West has been effected largely by brainwashing, lies and legislation related to racism, the people of the Middle East have paid and are continuing to pay in blood.
In his poem The Beach, Jay Ramsay summed up - perhaps inadvertently - the true horror of world government in a nutshell when he said the price of distance is death.
In this future dystopia, we will all look the same, there will be no freedom of religion, precious little freedom of thought, and you can forget dissent completely. Government governs best which governs least, which means that as far as possible communities should be allowed to decide what they want or don't want at a local level. This does not mean responsible governments can't invest in even grand projects, like the giant wind farms the British Government has committed itself to, and alternatives like electric and hydrogen cars.
A world government would decide things on a global scale, not by cooperation, but by dictat, and if necessary, by force. Too many people in this country? Fine, move them from this one. Need a city here? Fine, chop down a few acres, or maybe an entire rainforest, and who is going to stop us, exactly?
This is the reality of world government, a global dictatorship run by the banks, big corporations and their political front men, with no transparency and absolutely no accountability. It is this the anti-Bilderberg protesters are railing against, and increasingly they are coming from leftist backgrounds or no political background at all, which means they can't all be dismissed as cranks or worse.
Interestingly, one of those attending the 2012 Bilderberg meeting has been revealed as Garry Kasparov, who is best known as a former world chess champion. The big question is, does he realise that he is now playing for far higher stakes than a mere checkmate?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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