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article imageOp-Ed: Bath Salt Epidemic in Canada & U.S.

By Mindy Allan     Jun 5, 2012 in Health
Canadian and U.S. governments have known and reported on the dangers of bath salts for sometime, and yet the leaders of both countries have yet to address the problem or take action to make a difference.
In a recent report on Canada's CBC correspondent Tim Murphy reports from Halifax to bring awareness to the public, and parents of the dangers of synthetic drug "bath salts" and the effects they may be having on their children.
In the United States the use of the synthetic drug bath salts were reported on mainstream news in the beginning months of 2011. Bath salts have become the newest drug of choice competing with cocaine, and heroin on the streets.
Even Australia is warning the people of the dangers in bath salt use and reporting stories of families that have experienced someone with an addiction to this synthetic life changing drug.
The awareness of baths salts and the dangers are in report after report, yet nothing has changed. The U.S. DOJ National Drug Intelligence Center publishedSituation Report" in July of 2011 on bath salts.
The Synthetic Drug Control Act (HR 1254) was approved by the House of Representatives on December 8, 2011. The Department of Justice issued a “views letter” in support of the Act. The Office of National Drug Control published a report on the overview and history of synthetic drugs (a.k.a. K2, Spice, Bath Salts, etc.)
Even the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration published a report on the dangers of bath salts and a change in regulations. Bath salts, and other drugs are easy to purchase on the internet, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.
Democratic Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Charles Schumer of New York have been the only politicians wanting to shut down the endless supply of baths salts flowing into the United States by way of the internet but no one is listening.
Starting with the online website "Silk Road" which acquired the nickname, “The of drug dealing, and seems to be a highly protected digital black market for access to drugs of choice has made millions, if not billions selling illegal drugs on the internet
To date, no online attacks by the governments on websites selling drugs, and trying to find the origin of the manufacturers of these deadly synthetic drugs is like trying to put a puzzle together that is all one color, and 5,000 pieces. If the government really wanted to take down these websites, and create new legislation to make a change they can., one of world's biggest Internet file-sharing sites was shut down and it wasn't making people crazy, so why are drug manufacturers selling this stuff still online?
Are bath salts the creation of the CIA in another move to get people addicted like the secret operation that brought cocaine to the U.S. to take down and suppress black communities around the country? The mission a success as thousands blacks are locked up in prisons, hooked on cocaine, with a new drug to keep as many as possible dumb downed state of mind? Could the CIA now possibly be responsible for allowing bath salt manufacturers to continue to operate to get more people addicted to yet another mind altering drug?
The CIA has gone to great lengths to keep any and all people who knew the truth about the Iran Contra affair and the importing of cocaine into the U.S. quiet. Either by mysterious deaths, or imprisoned and the keys thrown away. There still lives one man who continues to stick to his story about government involvement in the Iran Contra Affair. Whistleblower Richard Taus FBI, Vietnam veteran, and father became a target for wanting to do his job and report the truth.
Taus was falsely accused of child molestation, and imprisoned indefinitely, real reason was for exposing the Bush family, and Ollie North with drug trafficking of Cocaine.
Illusions continue along with lies, greed, and corruption at any cost. Drugs, illegal or legal, are a way to suppress the mind from critical thinking and rationality. Are bath salts a new addition to arrest, fine, and kill, like cocaine and heroin? Government has spent billions of taxpayer dollars on a failed war on drugs which Penn and Teller exposed in November of 2011, calling it wasted money and a joke.
Governments should take taxpayer money away from marijuana raids, and arrests for a natural drug, doctor approved After decades of use by thousands, marijuana use has never been known to create any type of violence, or psychosis. If the millions being spent to stop marijuana, a natural drug, and was spent on chemical drugs, the economy would be thriving, states wouldn't be broke, and more than likely many synthetic drugs would not even be used.
Why isn't there a war on bath salts?
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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