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article imageOp-Ed: Who's to blame for world's fattest cat?

By Melissa Horrocks     Jun 5, 2012 in Food
New York - Sponge Bob is the world's fattest cat, but who is to blame? Why was this cat allowed to get so obese? This article will help to explain the story of Sponge Bob, the world's fattest cat.
According to The Telegraph, Sponge Bob is the world's fattest cat. He is currently looking for a new home in the US. Sponge Bob weighs 30 pounds, the same as a four year old child. He is on a strict diet, but staff are struggling. Nobody wants to re-home him because of his size. He currently lives in an animal shelter where staff are feeding him a strict diet with plenty of exercise.
Dedicated members of staff at the Animal Haven in New York have developed exercises that are suitable for Sponge Bob. These exercises have been designed to help Sponge Bob move. Staff hope he will shed 3lbs in two months. Once he is smaller, there is more chance of him being re-homed.
There is every possibility that Sponge Bob is the world's fattest cat after the previous heaviest cat Meow, from Sante Fe, New Mexico, died of pulmonary failure at 39lbs, earlier this month. Sponge Bob went to the sanctuary when his owner went into a nursing home.
When the carrier was opened, there were around 10 to 15 people who all stood staring at Sponge Bob in disbelief. The staff at the animal sanctuary had never seen a cat so big and could not believe it.
Staff at the center do not understand why he got so large. They can only guess that due to the ill health of his owner, she was feeding him dry food on a frequent basis. They think she might have left the food out for Sponge Bob to eat, allowing him to eat as much as he wanted.
Staff have said that it's a bit strange for a cat to get so large, but he does not have any abnormalities like, hyperthyroidism. In fact, he is very healthy apart from his weight.
Sponge Bob sleeps in a huge pen that is usually provided for a whole litter of puppies. Staff have to encourage him to come out of his pen during the day for regular exercise. Cat nip is used, to help Sponge Bob move and when he runs across the room he has the occasional treat.
Sponge Bob is given a diet high in protein rich food such as, chicken, vegetables, fish and pumpkin. There are no carbohydrates in his diet. Staff at the Animal Haven are hopeful that Sponge Bob will lose one to two pounds each month so that he reaches a more healthy weight in around eight months time. Staff expect that someone will re-home him soon. They want Sponge Bob to have a loving home, where people will play with him and provide him a good diet. Sponge Bob is well loved at the Animal Haven, but it is in his best interests to be adopted by a loving, caring family who will appreciate him for all he is.
When I first read the headlines for this story, I was angry and annoyed that someone had let their cat get so big and fat. However, it just goes to show that you cannot judge a book by its cover. You always have to look deeper than the surface. I hope that Sponge Bob's original owner gets the help she needs in the nursing home. I'm just sad she didn't get the help sooner, because Sponge Bob might not have become so fat. However, it is reassuring to know that he is getting the best care now.
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