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article imageLuka Magnotta is not finished, evidence suggests

By Garry Malloy     Jun 3, 2012 in World
Montreal - The international manhunt for Luka Rocco Magnotta continues as the evidence suggests the alleged killer will attack again.
A fresh Youtube video posted May 31 titled "luka magnotta" may have been uploaded by Magnotta himself, an Expert claims.
The 41 second clip, found here, shows what appears to be the inside of Magnotta's former apartment and a man describing the alleged murder scene.
If the account really is Magnotta's, then it suggests the alleged killer is still actively seeking the public's concern.
At least one expert has described Magnotta as having "a pathological need for attention."
When the media attention inevitably dries up, he may kill again to restore it.
Paris: Surveillance footage shows who authorities believe is Luka Rocco Magnotta at a security check...
Paris: Surveillance footage shows who authorities believe is Luka Rocco Magnotta at a security checkpoint area. INTERPOL has issued a Red Notice, or international wanted persons alert, for Luka Rocco Magnotta who is suspected of killing a man and posting body parts to various locations around Canada.
Interpol 2012
What is also interesting about the video is the description left by the anonymous account holder.
"Something doesn't add up in this case. I think Luka is being framed by the insane agent that he fired - who has been stalking him for years. The bed pattern from the "icepick" video in which the asian man is mutilated, etc. does NOT match the bed pattern from Luka's apartment... [W]hile Luka was a male fashion model several years ago, I have yet to find any indication of him doing any sort of porn."
Several comments have been posted by the suspicious account to videos posted by others referring to the story. The most recent comments were made this morning. The following is one of them:
"Just one suggestion.. you take way to long to make your points. Very few people will sit through more than 5 mintues of anything. Your video is nearly 14 mins long. According to the Toronto Sun, I am Luka. wheeee. they said this because I questioned whether Luka is the killer, or he is being framed. If he DID kill the kittens, I think he is warped enough to do this icepick killing However, I have seen no credible evidence that he killed kittens. If you have, let me know please."
The Sun reports a note was found in the package containing the foot that was sent to Tory HQ. The note also warns of future attacks and claims six body parts were mailed.
In an email sent to The Sun in December of last year, a person claiming to be Magnotta wrote:
"Well, I have to say goodbye for now, but dont worry, in the near future you will be hearing from me again. This time, however, the victims wont be small animals."
"Once you kill and taste blood its impossible to stop."
"Next time you hear from me it will be in a movie I am producing, that will have some humans in it, not just pussys."
A blog post titled How to completely Disappear and Never Be Found was posted in 2009. The post contains an elaborate plan that the author claims should take four months, which is also the length of time Magnotta was a tenant at the apartment where the violent killing allegedly took place.
Another blog titled "Necrophilia Serial Killer Luka Magnotta" was posted March 16, 2012. The author, assumed to be Magnotta, describes in detail his sexual attraction to dead bodies and interest in cannibalism. The blog has been removed from its original site but a copy of it can still be found here.
Luka Magnotta's whereabouts are still unknown. Authorities speculate he fled abroad -- particularly to Paris, France -- based on evidence found at his Montreal apartment, recent alleged sightings, and material evidence found in Paris itself, reports The Montreal Gazette.
An international alert for his arrest was issued by INTERPOL on Thursday.
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