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Video: First time 2-year-old Cooper hears mom call his name

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 2, 2012 in Health
The video shows a two-year-old boy's heart-warming reaction when he hears his mother's voice calling his name for the first time. He has just been fitted with a high-tech hearing device, a cochlear implant.
Cooper's initial confusion at the new sensations turns into sheer joy, and he points to his ear, squeals in delight as his mother says his name. He throws out his arms and laughs as a new world of sounds opens up. Notice his hand returning repeatedly to the ear to which the hearing device in fitted as he stares silently in wonder.
MSN Now notes that Cooper adapts to his new experience very quickly. Soon, he is absorbed, playing noisily with building blocks.
The heartwarming video has received hundreds of "likes" with viewers expressing delight.
In recent times, there have been developments in cochlear implant technology that help deaf and severely hard of hearing people experience their world in a new way. The devices are often referred to as "bionic ears."
Daily Mail reports the case of an eight-month-old baby who last October received an electronic implant. Many viewers described the video of the baby hearing for the first time as capturing a "magical moment."
Ninemsn reports a clip showing 10-year-old girl Sammie Hicks, reacting emotionally after hearing herself breathe for the first time since she was a toddler.
Another recent video shows 29-year-old Sarah Churman, hearing fully for the first time with the help of an implant.
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