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article imageVideo: Tourist captures moment iceberg 'calves' and flips over

By JohnThomas Didymus     Jun 1, 2012 in Environment
A tourist was lucky to catch a rare sight on video: the dramatic moment an iceberg flipped over, bringing up a new mass of ice over the surface of water during a process called "calving."
The flipping over of a mass of ice during "calving" happens often in nature but only very rarely is it witnessed or captured on video. Icebergs flip when melting makes them change shape and become unbalanced. MSN Now explains that the change may occur when a glacier slides into warmer water.
The process called "calving" involves sudden release and breaking away of a mass of ice from a glacier, iceberg, ice front or shelf. Calving of glaciers is often preceded by a loud cracking or booming sound. A large block of ice then breaks loose and crashing into water. The fall of the ice into water can cause wakes that are hazardous to boats. Calving can unbalance an iceberg and make it flip over.
In the two-minute video, the top of the iceberg sinks into the water and disappears while new ice rises from the bottom of the water creating waves and spray.
The noise and laughter of the people witnessing the incident from the boat can be heard.
The incident was witnessed by tourists visiting the Upsala Glacier in Argentina's Los Glaciares National Park. According to Daily Mail, the glacier stretches for 60 kilometers and was once the biggest in South America. BBC reports scientists say it is disappearing at a rate of 200 meters per year. According to Yahoo News! the glacier is often cited as evidence of global climate change. But other scientists say the melting is due to other factors not connected to climate change.
The clip was uploaded to YouTube by "Osibaruch," who writes, "While we were passing by it with a catamaran, the huge berg lost a part of itself (look at the right side sinking) and then flipped over with a huge roar. In the process of melting this happens all the time, but it is seldom that it is captured on video when it happens..."
According to Yahoo News! the video was captured in March but was posted to YouTube late in May.
The Los Glaciares National Park is a major tourist attraction in Argentina.
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