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article imageVideo: Malaysian guard watches while a woman is mugged

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 31, 2012 in Odd News
Petaling Jaya - A security guard at a gated community in Petaling Jaya, Malay, stood back watching while a female resident of the community was robbed in broad daylight. The video was captured by surveillance camera, and uploaded to YouTube by the victim's husband.
The video shows the woman being attacked and robbed by two men right in front of the security guard who watched quietly and made no attempt to intervene. The guard post, according to The Huffington Post, is the entrance to the Kelana D'Putra condominium complex.
According to "Nsugu," who uploaded the video to YouTube, and who claims he is the husband of the woman attacked, "Dis is how d guard reacted when d robbers were snatching my wife's belongings at our condo in kelana jaya... ashamed on the guard and the management for their negligence and being ignorant."
The man actually stepped out of his guard stand when he saw the woman being attacked but he only stood by watching.
The video is causing varied responses and remarks online. RightThisMinute co-host Beth Troutman, said that Malaysians are "pretty upset because, evidently, this happens more often than the Malaysian citizens would like it to happen."
Co-host Gayle Bass, wondered: "What do you pay your HOA fees for?"
Nick Calderone tried to excuse the guard: "We don't know if the guard was trained. I would imagine he's not a trained police officer."
Steven Fabian said: "The argument will always be, 'She's a woman and this guy should've come out. Yeah, he's risking his life doing that, but, also, he signed up to be a guard."
Other viewers, attempting to excuse the guard, have speculated that he was possibly being threatened with a weapon. Fabian wondered, "Did I see a gun pointed at the guard?"
Ninemsn reports a similar incident in Seattle. Surveillance video showed three unarmed security guards who stood back and watched while a group of teenage attackers beat, kicked and robbed a 15-year-old girl in a Seattle bus tunnel. One of the assailants was shown stamping on the victim's head while others robbed her of her iPod, purse and mobile phone. The girl lost consciousness during the attack. The guards later called the police who arrived after the attackers had gone. But Seattle police Sergeant John Urquhart, praised the guards for not intervening, saying, "We don't expect civilians to take police action. In this case, it was a violent fight, and they were outnumbered by this pack of people 3-to-1."
But the general manager for Metro Transit, the company that hired the security guards, said he was disappointed with the guard's actions. "It was absolutely unacceptable," he said.
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