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article imageDiddy won't pay for son's UCLA education

By Larry Clifton     May 30, 2012 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - P. Diddy Combs' son, Justin Combs, will play football at UCLA on a $54,000 scholarship as tens of thousands of less fortunate students struggle to pay their tuitions.
Combs, who managed to maintain a 3.75 GPA at an Upstate New York prep school where he played cornerback on the football team has committed to play for UCLA in return for the scholarship, according to Business Insider.
Some say Diddy should pay for his son’s education since he earned $45 million in 2012, but it doesn’t appear that will happen.
U.S. tuition rates have soared recently as universities across the country scramble to raise tuition rates in the face of extreme budget cuts. Meanwhile, state taxpayers are calling for Combs to hand over his scholarship so students in need of it.
Even though Diddy is a wealthy, authentic 1 percenter, he has not offered any money or excuses for his son’s education.
However CNN education contributor Dr. Steve Perry recently defended Combs' merit-based scholarship, saying he “earned it fair and square.”
"He's done what he needs to do to be successful and in 'Ameritocracy' we have to accept that no matter who your father is, whether he be rich, poor or absent, that you can in fact be successful on your own merit," Perry said.
For his part, Diddy was recently named the wealthiest artist in hip hop by Forbes Magazine, so far earning $45 million in 2012.
While Combs' scholarship is awarded to student athletes specifically and isn't exactly a free ticket to a four-year education, it does cover a significant portion of his tuition. Combs will be required to train 40 hours per week and attend classes full-time.
For millions of ordinary students, some with higher academic standing, their portion of a trillion-dollar student loan bubble will keep them in debt for many years after graduation.
UCLA was targeted by Occupy Wall Street protests earlier this year; students rallied against the school’s planned 16 percent tuition fee hike. In April, the school was forced to take back $27 million in financial aid accidentally deposited into students' accounts.
Combs has not commented on any plans to give back the scholarship.
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