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article imageTeen buys $1 camera at yard sale, deceased uncle's picture inside

By Leigh Goessl     May 30, 2012 in World
Wichita - A Kansas teen made a remarkable discovery recently after he'd purchased an old Polaroid camera at a yard sale. He bought the old camera because he thought it looked "cool."
He paid a $1 for the dated camera, but wound up finding a treasure.
According to The Daily, 13-year-old Addison Logan was browsing yard sales with his grandmother, Lois Logan, last weekend. An old Polaroid caught his eye and he decided to buy it as he thought it looked cool.
“I found this Polaroid camera and it looked pretty old and cool, so I just bought it for a dollar,” Addison told ABC News.
After he got home, he began examining his find, and couldn't figure out how to take a picture. So he did what any teen these days would likely do, he looked it up on the Internet. In his research, Addison realized older cameras needed film, so he opened the relic up to see how it worked. He found a developed photo inside, of two teens, a boy and a girl.
“I opened up the cartridge to see if there was any [film] in it and I saw a full photograph in there,” Addison said.
He brought the snapshot to his grandmother to show her what he'd found. His grandmother was shocked when she saw the image. It was a picture of her deceased son.
“I thought he found it somewhere in the house,” Lois Logan said, reported The Daily. “He had no idea that that was his uncle.”
The picture was an image of Scott Logan, who had died in 1989 in a car accident, long before Addison was born. Lois Logan said the picture was taken about 10 years prior to her son's death; the photo is estimated to have been taken sometime around 1979. She even recognized the girl in the image; it was Scott's old girlfriend, Susan Ely.
Addison said he thought when he opened the camera the photo was of random people, and he was "just blown away."
Blake Logan received a call from his son and he didn't process the story right away.
“He told me what had happened and I kind of brushed it off and it didn’t really strike me – the significance of it – until I went home,” he told ABC News. “I was kind of in a state of shock."
The Logans retraced their steps back to the house where Addison bought the camera to see if any clues surfaced, but the individual who sold the camera said he didn't recall where he'd gotten it, or even how long he'd owned it. The man was not familiar with either person in the 30-year-old photo. In fact, it was said the neighborhood didn't even exist then, reported the Wichita Eagle.
So how the photo ended up at that place and time where Addison would find it is a complete mystery.
The secrets held by the camera will remain unknown, but the family is amazed with the find. It is even more valuable because not many pictures of Scott remain in existence, the family had lost many of their photos in a flood a few years ago, reported the Los Angeles Times.
“It’s one of those things that it almost touches me the more I see how much it touches other people,” Blake Logan said. “When you have faith, you believe they’re always with you and when you see signs like this, it kind of reaffirms that.”
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