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article imageOp-Ed: Murders in Syria to escalate U.N. & NATO intervention?

By Mindy Allan     May 30, 2012 in World
Greed, control, and power are what have ignited almost every war that U.S. soldiers have had to fight in. Corporations are the number one profiteers of war. Most wars have been on a quest for drugs, oil, and any valuable resources that could be had.
Most were in third world countries, have been orchestrated by the CIA, and it is believed by some the war in Syria is just another operation. War is like a screenplay, and actors with scripts.
The script for the invasion of Iraq, and the testing of depleted uranium, and the suppression of a country by total domination and force, was repeated so many times, The script was so good most people thought the U.S. was winning a war. Not until the evacuation which will never be complete, did people start to really question the purpose of destroying Iraq.
The Libyan invasion script was one of the most professional, and well read. Americans believed all the false news, yet no news about Libya now, and the chaos and bloodshed that continues under the new government of a so called democracy.
Almost immediately the reasons for intervening in Libya became lies, as the desperate attempt to get Gaddafi meant killing his sons, and grandchildren, and anyone necessary to take down a man who was in the way of feeding, and freeing the continent of Africa from the rest of the world Libya was one of the few debt free countries in the world, with its own banking system.
Now the Syrian script is being read around the world, the warning cry of attack. The terrorists are coming from Libya, moving on to the next war, and the next paid killer for hire job in Syria.
Now children are being murdered so that NATO, and the U.N. can intervene, and then chaos begins. Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya have been given what Israel wants, Syria and Iran to have nothing good.
Israel kills children everyday so what about them? Why hasn't the U.N. and NATO moved in to protect the Palestinian children, and the people who have been living for some time trying to survive Israel's crimes against humanity. Why does the U.S. look the other way?
What has happened in Syria with the hideous deaths of children is a sick need of greed. This type of act on children has never occurred before in Syria, and yet the mainstream news blames the Syrian army and government. The government blames the terrorists that have been hired by western forces, and have moved from committingatrocities in Libya, to committing atrocities in Syria.
Like in other countries the hired killers start on the borders, working their way through one village at a time. Leaving behind destruction, death, suppression, all in the name of greed, power, and control.
Most mainstream media is controlled, and journalists are suppressed from telling real news. When the president speaks everyone believes it to be the truth, but most of the time it was what the people wanted to hear that mattered, not the truth.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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