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article imageOp-Ed: The future is now with augmented reality

By Akeem Smith     May 29, 2012 in Technology
The future is now! There is a new technology that is being developed called Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality is the application of computer generated data applied to the real world in real time.
There are several companies working on this technology, Microsoft and Google to name a few. Imagine a world where you’re visiting another country and you stop to ask a stranger for directions. What if, neither of you speak the same language but can perfectly understand each other through subtitles above your heads. Well, pretty soon that will be possible with Augmented Reality or A.R. Google is developing prototype glasses, which are in the test stages right now. These glasses have the capability to stream live information in front of the user as well as respond to voice commands, take pictures, and record videos.They also look pretty stylish and less bulky than you would think.
Cell phone companies are also adapting this technology, and developers are building applications capable of using it. Today, information is accessible to users at the push of a button. You want to find coffee shops near a certain address or area code you just type it into your device. Soon, this process will be even faster. Soon you’ll be able to hold your phone up to an object, or in front of it, and information about that object will appear on the screen in 3d. With the application of the glasses, instead of this information being projected on the phone, it can be projected in real life. The company Epson currently has a pair of augmented reality glasses on sale, capable of doing just that. For the hefty price tag of about 700 dollars you can own a pair of the first generation of this technology.
The capabilities of this technology are limitless, one day all this technology will be available in your contact lenses. You will be able to walk down the street and in 3d; information about the world around you will be available right in front of your eyes. This technology can be used in entertainment, education and also for training purposes on new products and services. The future is most certainly now, what used to be science fiction is now science fact.
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