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article imageVideo: Boy acts drunk after he comes out of surgical anesthesia

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 29, 2012 in Internet
Matthew regained consciousness after a surgical operation on his arm. Feelings of anxiety before he comes out of anesthesia turn into jocose hilarity as the boy, still in a delirious state, acts somewhat loopy from the effect of the drugs.
Matthew greats his family as he comes around with a shout like a drunken teenager playing gangsta, "Hey kids, what's up?"
Someone asks him how the surgery had gone, and he shouts back, "It went good."
His drunken "frat boy" tone causes audible laughter and the interview turns into a comedy as members of his family feel relief at his recovery. He is asked whether his arms feel better. He answers, "It feels good y'know."
Then he announces, "I feel dizzy." He asks: "Why do I feel dizzy?" He repeats himself experimentally several times "dizzzzaaaaay." The side-splitting laughter of his family is audible in the video.
Matthew looks up at a family member, "Why is there two of you?"
Now suspicious that his world looks and feels so different, he turns to his Dad," Hey Dad, what's up? What's up man?"
Matthew suddenly becomes conscious of his arm in a plaster cast, and he asks, "Hey, what's this big orange thing on my arm, man?... It's heavy, you know."
To round up the comedy, he informs his family, "I just farted. You know what I'm sayin?"
In the second video, a sequel to the first, he says, "Guys, my voice sounds really funky."
While some viewers think the video is funny, some have expressed disapproval of Matthew's family's sense of humor. Cestrain comments on Daily Mail: "I cannot imagine why his family would want to video this moment ? Coming out of an anesthetic is quite a critical time and I would have thought they would want to concentrate on his health, not be faffing around with a video-camera, the poor kid is clearly still off his head on the anesthetic."
Another viewer, Deanna, is concerned that posting the video online would embarrass the boy in the future: "How awful for the family to be laughing instead of comforting... and then posting it on the web for everyone to laugh at [and] embarrass the child in the future. Anyone who thinks otherwise is insensitive at best and cruel at worst. And those types always say 'lighten up!' only when it's about other people, never themselves!"
A viewer on Jezebel, "Whatwomenmake," expresses similar feelings: "Not to be a downer but I think it's wrong to show videos like this of your kid. It's exploitative. The kid's not old enough to give consent."
"Eliamias" takes a mixed view: "I agree with the filming. Lifetime of memories and what not. What I can't abide by is uploading it to YouTube. I know this is a hyperbolic reaction, but all I can think is 'is nothing sacred?!"
What do you think?
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