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article imageVideo: Alexander Shtifanov 'world's best bartender' goes viral

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 29, 2012 in Entertainment
Kiev - Alexander Shtifanov demonstrated on Ukraine's Got Talent Show that he's got some unbelievable bartender skills, though how exactly his unique skills contribute to mixing a good drink is being debated.
Shtifanov's performance in this three-minute clip is simply awe inspiring. Tom Cruise's bottle flaring as bartender Brian Flanagan in the 1988 movie "Cocktail" pales in comparison. He demonstrates such unmatched bottle juggling skills that MSN comments, "even airborne liquids bend to the virtuoso's will." He juggles four bottles and pours three drinks for the judges at once.
Shftifanov's performance has received a mixed response from YouTube viewers on MSN.
Bobt317 is a keen observer. He notices what some might have missed. He said: "He was good but bottles were empty," and adds his personal judgement, "he is a juggler not a bartender."
Oldlady50 doesn't care what Bobt37 thinks. She accuses viewers of jealousy: "I think it was awesome. I don't care about all the negative responses below. It still takes a lot of practice to do that kind of juggling. I dare say they couldn't do it?? HMMM maybe that's why all the negative responses?"
Some viewers criticize the choice of background music. My Shin says: "Wow! Worst music ever. How anyone can work to such crap music is beyond me." He also wonders: "Why do shows like this insist on cutting the camera from the action every 2 seconds to show the idiot judges and crowd 'oohing' and 'aahing'? Just keep it on the performer."
Other viewers are distracted by their thirst for a drink. Chris Couture: "Can I have my drink yet?"
Funny and Spicy reports Shtifanov participated at the Warsaw Flair Challenge 2011.
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