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Video: Watch desert windstorm lift up parked Boeing 747

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 27, 2012 in Technology
Mojave - The hulk of a parked Boeing 747 performed a seeming death dance ritual on Wednesday in an aircraft boneyard in Mojave, California, as desert windstorm blowing at over 70 miles per hour, forced it into a last demonstration of the fluid dynamics of flight.
The video, according to MSN, shows a Southern Air 747 in desert windstorm, before metal scrappers performed the final funeral rites. The engine and much of the interior have been stripped from the plane's frame, and the jet now tail-heavy, has its front wheels rising up and its nose bobbing in air as the wind gets beneath its wings.
The front wheels of the jet sway in the air as aerodynamic forces that operate when a plane takes off from the ground and rides the winds come into play. With winds at over 70 miles per hour, enough lifting forces were generated at the wings to lift the fuselage off the ground while the back wheels stay in place.
According to Daily Mail, by the next day, the plane was found to have rotated about 45 degrees from its original position.
Daily Mail reports that the same windstorm damaged many rooftops, cut power and sent clouds of sand and dust into the sky. reports that YouTube user CaptainHarlock999, captured the video and posted to YouTube
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